Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rainy Day Wednesday and Thursday, Etc., Etc.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!

I think it has rained the whole month of May.

Bob is coming over today and we will pass the time playing gin rummy or eating! It seems we spend a lot of time eating when the weather is bad. We both like to read and always have a book somewhere nearby.

Yesterday, I worked in the yard but it was still muddy from the weekend rain. The tree limbs on the tall oak trees in my yard are all drooping from the weight of the water and it has poured all morning. The weatherman says more rain for here tomorrow. Everything is so green it hurts your eyes.

I am going to make some frog houses for my flower beds. I found some pictures and ideas on the internet this morning.
Concerning frog houses: Create a toad abode to shelter toads in a cool, shady part of your garden.

Dense leafy foliage close to the ground will provide cover for amphibians during the spring and summer months.

During the winter, piles of leaves provide cover for some frogs, toads and salamanders.

Let frogs and toads colonize your backyard naturally. Do not purchase frogs or toads to stock your new habitat, or move adults or even tadpoles from other wetlands to your backyard. When you have provided all that a frog or toad could want, just be patient and they will come to you.

You can use your imagination and paint coffee cans. You can also use flower pots but there must be water nearby, even if you just put some water in a container near the frog house.
You can spray paint the entire container and then paint on cute sayings like: "Toad Abode",
"Kermit's Place", "Frog Hideout", or whatever makes your house original.
A good rainy day project!

3 comments: TN said...

Hi Judy, I know what you meant about the rain. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm ready for some sunshine. I've had on long pants and sweaters for four days. Even had a fire on one of those days.
My little tomato seedlings are also begging for sun.

Beth said...

I love your idea of making "toad abodes." We just made two bluebird houses today--I think toad houses might be next!

AnnaMarie said...

Hi Judy - I caught up with your blog, via Anne and Leigh's, and am totally captivated by the Toad Abodes!! I have JUST the place and have a feeling my little Sophie will have a wonderful time chasing these little creatures around the yard.