Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Country Road, A Campground, and a Covered Bridge

Bob and I decided to go out on Tuesday and ended up at the local Chinese Restaurant for their lunch buffet. We love the shrimp and all the vegetables and, of course, the soft serve ice cream for dessert.

After lunch, we went for a drive in the country and headed out of Frankfort toward Georgetown.

The first place we came to was the campgrounds at the Forks of Elkhorn. If you like to go camping, this place sits right on the banks of the Elkhorn Creek. It is located about two miles out of Frankfort and has a general store, laundry mat, and a pavilion that seats 200. You can swim, relax, picnic, and fish. Check out their website at :

We turned across a bridge and headed out into the country toward a little settlement known as Switzer, Kentucky. It was a beautiful day and nice to be out of the house and just riding around on country roads.

We turned right at the little fire station in Switzer and headed down to the old covered bridge.

The bridge was built around 1855 and is the official covered bridge of Kentucky. It was damaged in a flood in 1997 and had to have extensive repairs but is very sturdy now. You cannot drive through this bridge but you can walk across it and get a great view of the water.

People are always parking at the bridge and going fishing from the banks of the creek or picnicking off the rocks.

We spent some time walking around and reading about the bridge and continued on our journey to another little community called Woodlake. Woodlake consists mostly of a few houses. Many years ago, my father ran a country store in this little community but that was before I was born.

It was a nice way to spend a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

2 comments: TN said...

Oh, very pretty! We have a covered bridge not far from here. Thanks for the ride in the country!
And I filled out the quiz on what kind of flower am I..... and I'm the same as you.....a snapdragon. But I could have told you that about MYSELF, because part of me has SNAPPED and the other part is DRAGGIN' LOL

Leigh said...

What a great day mom! I can't wait to see you this weekend!

Love you!