Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Twins at Twin Bay Farm

Follow the drive for a visit to Twin Bay Farm

Come on in and sit a spell!

My girls are twins and own a farm in Georgetown, Kentucky by the name of Twin Bay Farm. Thus, the twin in Twin Bay. They have owned this place a little over a year now and it is a beautiful place for them, their dogs, and horses. During the past year, they had a new board fence built and added onto the barn, bought a new John Deere lawnmower, a horse trailer, a truck to pull it with and spend their time living the life they always wanted in the country.

Anne and Leigh in the kitchen at Twin Bay

This year they plan to grow a garden and Mom will help them with what to plant, where, and how much!

Leigh on Dually

Leigh works in Lexington at the Horse Magazine and Anne works in Midway for Conley Livestock. They are great girls, have many lovely friends, and like to entertain at their place in the summer months.

Anne with Drifter

They have three horses, Rebo, Dually, and Drifter. The two dogs are Dodge and Spur.

Rebo, The Old Man

(He looks pretty good for 21 years of age)

Dodge, belongs to Anne and is one smart doggie. The newest of the crew is Spur who was adopted by Leigh several months ago. Spur is still pretty young but is learning real fast about life at Twin Bay Farm and what is expected of him. Anne's baby, Dodgie

The girls are always hauling hay for the animals, bringing them in to spend the night in a warm stall if the weather is bad or letting them out to enjoy a great day in the sun.

In the spring of the year, they spend their time mowing the place because the grass grows so fast and there is so much to mow!

Anne on the John Deere

They just returned from vacationing for a week in Colorado with Colleen, one of their best friends and the previous owner of Rebo. The girls are planning on loading up the horses in the trailer and doing some barrel racing this summer.

Anne and Leigh was raised on the farm and their dad and I had quarter horses, raised a garden, owned a truck and trailer, killed our own meat, raised and grazed cattle, and loved the country life. Their paternal grandparents also lived on the farm. Their grandmother was a southern lady that cooked wonderful southern meals and taught me a lot about cooking. The girls also like to cook and are pretty good at preparing some great southern dishes and let's not forget sweet tea, the drink of all southern girls!

Below are some pictures of Twin Bay Farm, it's pastures, house, yard and driveway.

The view from the back deck of the house.

The boys at home in their stalls and the front yard.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the tour, come back again and I will keep you up to date on what is going on at Twin Bay, what is going on in my life, what my son's family is up to these days and how much my grandson is growing.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning and Antiques

Living Room Curtains Down for the Wash

I started some spring cleaning today. Stripped the beds of blankets, sheets, comforters, and took down the curtains and started washing everything. I always have lots of energy this time of year. I am ready to plant, clean, paint, and anything else I can find to do to put a new look to the house and yard.

I love the warm spring days when I can open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, and let winter out of the house!

My guest bedroom has been thoroughly cleaned and awaits the next visitor.

This cherry bed was handmade back in the 1970's in a little shop in Junction City, Kentucky.

It has a canopy but I have it stored at the present time.

I used to be a big collector of antiques and had many items pass through my home over the years. My son got married a little over a year ago and I had promised him a couple of pieces I had since he was a wee tot when he finally tied the knot. He held me to that promise and we loaded up the roll top desk and the lawyer's bookcase and transported to his new home in Lexington. Rob and Sarah had the perfect spot to display both pieces and they look lovely in their living room.

Lawyer's Bookcase and Oak Roll Top Desk

I am glad my children like the things I have held onto over the years. My mother's old pie safe resides with my twins, Anne and Leigh, in Georgetown. My mom and dad bought this piece when they married in 1928 at an auction for twenty five cents.

My Mother's Pie Safe in Background

I still have a another pie safe in my office that I use to store computer paper, envelopes, folders, and such. This one is smaller than my mothers and is made of oak.

Smaller oak pie safe

Antiques are really precious pieces of the past and I am sure if they could talk they would have many stories to tell of times gone by and the people who have cared for them over the years.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bob's Dilemma

Bob came over last Thursday and said he had not been feeling well. He said he did not sleep good the night before but was insistent that we work in the yard. We went to Home Depot and got some stones and top soil in bags and he loaded it into his truck. This seemed to make him weak and when we got home, I unloaded it by myself and made him sit on the little bench outside and rest. Nothing would do him but to pick up a couple rocks and move them around back. He did not feel good the rest of that day and I tried to get him to postpone our trip to Indiana. He would not hear of this. He wanted to go and play in a poker tournament there so we ended up going. Bob felt bad the entire time we were gone and when we returned on Saturday, he went home and called his doctor. He, evidently, according to a blood test taken in the doctor's office has acquired some kind of bacterial infection and was given a shot of antibiotics to get him started and then a prescription for antibiotics to take twice daily. His appetite must have gone totally away because he quit eating and drinking. Yesterday, he said he felt better and came back to my house. He looked awful and so haggard. He says he has lost 18 lbs. in a week.

I started pouring the liquids into him in the form of juice, and water. Then, made him eat fruit, applesauce, scrambled eggs, and some muffins I had made. He was gradually feeling much better, slept well last night and said he was on the road to recovery this morning and he was sure the food and liquids made the difference.

Next thing I know he has taken a fluid pill and a blood pressure pill and his blood pressure drops down very low. I could not believe he took a fluid pill when he was already dehydrated. We start the liquids again and his blood pressure started coming back up. He said he felt so much better and left for home with a big glass of orange juice in the car.

I guess he goes home and goes to bed and gets up and falls and bloodies his nose. His daughter, Ruth, is now on the way to either take him to the doctor or hospital.

I got a call from daughter Ruth a little bit ago and it seems she has called 911 to take Bob to Central Baptist Hospital since he has fallen and hit his head.

Ruth has continued to call and let me know what is happening and it seems Bob is very dehydrated, is in the emergency room, and they are giving him glucose and running some tests.
He talked with me on the phone and they have already given him 2 bags of glucose and they are waiting to see what the tests tell them. Ruth, Susan, and Michelle are all at the hospital with him at this time. He seems in very good spirits and says he is feeling 100 percent better. He will call me later to let me know whether or not he needs me to come over and stay with him tonight and whether or not they keep him or let him return home.
Now, it seems they are going to keep Bob in the hospital for a few days to run some tests. His blood pressure seems to drop whenever he stands and he had some kidney problems according to the tests they ran in the emergency room.
Ruth has gone to Bob's house to get his stuff and they will call me later if they find out anymore.
She will also call in the morning and let me know if I should come to Lexington.
Ruth called me at seven this morning and said they had done a catscan and it had been good. She was on her way to work and would take off this afternoon. She said Bob's kidneys were showing some problems because all the medicine he was on had side effects that could affect your kidneys. They are doing a scope this morning to check out his stomach. I talked to him and told him I would go clean his house but he does not want me to do that. He says it is in too much of a mess and he does not want me to see it! Ruth said he did not want her or the other girls to see it either! He has been sick for several days and I guess it is a mess but that does not bother me. Anyway, he wants me to wait and see if they let him go home tomorrow. If they do I will suggest he come here so I can take care of him and the girls won't have to miss work.
The doctor thinks the kidney problems can be reversed.

I have talked with Bob three times today by phone and he is still undergoing tests. It seems his blood pressure is still low but they have determined he has pancreatitis.
He will remain in the hospital at least until tomorrow. His appetite is good and he is feeling better. I am going to Lexington tomorrow to visit him in the hospital and if he is able to come home, I will bring him back with me as soon as he is out of the hospital and feels like traveling.

Today is Saturday and I left for Lexington this morning around 8 a.m. I packed a suitcase since I might have to stay over until Bob got out of the hospital. I went to his house and started doing some cleaning to add to what his girls had already done. The doorbell rang and it was Ruth and Susan, two of his daughters, on the way to the hospital. I went with them to Central Baptist and when we got there Bob, his son, was with him and he had been told he could go home today.

Bob waiting to leave the hospital.

They lowered his blood pressure medicine and took him off the fluid pills he had been taking and the arthritis pill. He will go to see his regular doctor and also make an appointment with the internal medicine doctor and he needs to schedule a colonoscopy. He was so anxious to get out of the place and could not wait till the gave him his dismissal papers. The picture below is Bob waiting at the door with suitcase in hand for the nurse to bring him his papers.
Susan and Ruth dropped us off at Bob's house and I finished folding some laundry and
vacuumed the floors. We left there for my house, stopped at Kroger in Lawrenceburg and picked up some baked chicken. I fixed him a welcome home meal with chicken, baked potato, green beans, rolls and tea. He has to watch his diet but says he is feeling so much better and so glad to be out of the hospital. He looks a lot better but thinner. I am glad he is doing so much better and out of the hospital, also.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It is a gorgeous day today! I love these warm spring days. I cannot make myself stay inside.

Bob came over last Thursday and we took up the rocks I had going to my outside shed and replaced them with square stones from Home Depot. I still have to dig out under them and make them flat with the ground so they can be run over with the lawnmower. I also planted more grass seed and still need more. There is so much shade in this yard and so many leaves on the ground during the winter that I have to replant grass seed every year. We made a rock flower bed out of the rocks we took up from the yard. I have hostas, some mint, and two different vines planted in the rock bed. I need more shade plants. Anything, that needs sun just has a hard time growing due to all the trees. I received some lilies of the valley I had ordered last week and planted them in another bed in the yard. They are supposed to be good shade plants and will multiply each year I hope.

Tony, my brother-in-law, cut the lawn for the first time this week. It was really beginning to need it in places. I have been picking up sticks for a month trying to get it in shape to mow.

On Friday, we went to Rising Sun, Indiana, so Bob could play in a poker tournament. I played the slots while he was in the tournament. We spent the night and had the buffet breakfast on Saturday before returning home. Bob has not felt well all weekend. He has an upset stomach that may be a virus or something but no fever and I have not caught it and hope I don't.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day just being lazy, making poppy seed cupcakes, reading and watching tv.

This morning, I talked to my niece, Vicky, on the phone, made a trip to the bank, checked out the consignment shop in town and stopped at Kroger for some nice fruit and a few other things.

I have been outside this afternoon checking out my flowers and seeds I have planted. "Hootie", my owl with the revolving head from Walmart, spends his days guarding the patio and keeping the blackbirds off the porch. Before I found him, I had to spray the patio off every day where they used it for a bathroom. He has been a lifesaver and a water saver, too! Bob even went back and got one for himself after he saw what a good job he does at my house.

Anne and Leigh will be leaving for Colorado on Wednesday and I may go over to their place that day and spend some time doing a few small things for them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Son Turns Forty, Lordy, Lordy

Sarah and Rob
I can't believe that my son, Charles, turned 40 on April 14. It seems like it was just a few years ago that he was a toddler like his son, Thomas Wyatt. Robbie (that is my name for Charles since his full name is Charles Robert) was born on Easter Sunday. He weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. and had this big shock of black hair. Everyone in the hospital was talking about that hair.
I could not ask for a better son. He is one of the apples of my eye since I also have twin daughters, a daughter-in-law, and this little grandson that has stolen all our hearts. Robbie is so talented. He is the most wonderful artist and can draw anything. His paintings are just fascinating to anyone that has the pleasure of seeing them. TW is only ten months old and is captivated by his father's work. He constantly stares at the one I have on my living room wall and the ones at his house.

Thomas Wyatt

Besides working a fulltime job, Robbie, babysits TW every day since he works nights. That way the baby does not have to go to a sitter.

Robbie is also very smart and well read. He graduated from Eastern University and has traveled extensively in Europe and moved from Florida, to New York, to California. I am so very proud of my only son.

Being a father at 40 seems to agree with Rob. He loves TW so much and so does his wife, Sarah. They are both just wonderful parents. TW is a lucky little boy.

I babysat the "Tater" overnight this weekend. He is cutting teeth and was a little cranky but did not let that get in the way of having fun and inspecting everything at Nanna JuJu's house while mom and dad enjoyed a weekend away in Cincy visiting the art museum, shopping, relaxing, and eating at a nice restaurant.

He knows his Nanna loves him so much and we have great fun together.

Nanna sure does feel old though when she realizes her son just turned 40!

This morning Bob and I had our coffee, he took the trash out for me and left to go work on Vicky's bookcase he is building for her.

I made myself a wonderful smoothie in the blender for breakfast consisting of :

1 ripe banana

1 cup of orange juice

1 small cup of strawberry yogurt

Some frozen strawberries

This is such a cool and refreshing and healthy drink

My twins, Anne and Leigh, are the healthiest people I know. They are always eating right, exercising, running races, going to the organic foods store, dieting and basically just loving their work and life on the farm with their horses and dogs.

Leigh and Anne

Today, I plan to move all my plants and flowers back outside from their place in my kitchen where they have been waiting for frostless mornings.

I will piddle around outside with my flowers, do a little housework, and some more planting.

Bob will be back tomorrow with his truck to help me move some rocks, lay some stones to my storage building, and work on our garden.

We are planning a trip to Indiana on Friday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Bit About Me

I am retired from State Government and a person that enjoys life, family, traveling, and just being alive! When you get my age (62), every day is an adventure and something to look forward to. During my early years I used to think how awful it would be to get old and have nothing to look forward too or to live for but now that I am on "The Other Side of the Hill", I find my life to be wonderful. I enjoy my family and friends so much more than I did when I was working. I have time for myself. I enjoy working in my yard. I love my home and enjoy working on it. I have a wonderful man in my life that is a great friend and companion and is there for me whenever I need a shoulder to lean on. My children, my daughter-in-law, and my grandchild all live within driving distance and I enjoy their company, e-mails, pictures, and the sharing of their lives.

I am very fortunate to be in good health as far as I know. I feel great, exercise, try to eat healthy (most of the time).

I plan to just write when I feel like it. Post whatever I want to say about what is going on in my life and how I spend my days with friends and family.

If I am home during the day, I usually watch "The View", sometimes Dr. Phil and sometimes, Oprah on tv. If it is pretty outside, I am usually out there digging in the dirt, working with my flowers, or picking up sticks out of the yard or raking leaves. I have approximately 22 large pin oak trees in my yard that drop their leaves late in the fall, so when spring comes I am still raking leaves. I love to cook and I especially love to make cakes and cookies. I collect lots of recipes
from friends, family, and the internet.

I am a nut about reality shows! Especially, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, and The Biggest Loser.

Bob, the man in my life, and I love to visit the casinos in Indiana. He likes to play poker at the tables and I usually play the slots some but we never spend a lot of money. It is a great get-a-way for us and the motels are great as is the food and pools and spas. We meet friends there and enjoy visiting as well as eating great food and just hanging out with them.

Basically, this blog will be a place to just write about my day, my week, or whatever.

Today, I have slept late, made cinnamon toast for breakfast (cinnamon is good for your cholesterol), watched The View and some of Fox News, received my order from L.L. Bean of a new pair of navy walking shorts and a lime green, plaid, seersucker, camp shirt, set up this blog, talked with Leigh (my daughter) on the phone, e-mailed Anne (my other daughter), read my son, Robbie's blog, and commented on it. Now, I am waiting for Bob to come over so we can watch out favorite shows together tonight. I think we will probably have pizza and beer for dinner.

Not being obligated to do anything is something I totally love about my life at this stage.