Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning and Antiques

Living Room Curtains Down for the Wash

I started some spring cleaning today. Stripped the beds of blankets, sheets, comforters, and took down the curtains and started washing everything. I always have lots of energy this time of year. I am ready to plant, clean, paint, and anything else I can find to do to put a new look to the house and yard.

I love the warm spring days when I can open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, and let winter out of the house!

My guest bedroom has been thoroughly cleaned and awaits the next visitor.

This cherry bed was handmade back in the 1970's in a little shop in Junction City, Kentucky.

It has a canopy but I have it stored at the present time.

I used to be a big collector of antiques and had many items pass through my home over the years. My son got married a little over a year ago and I had promised him a couple of pieces I had since he was a wee tot when he finally tied the knot. He held me to that promise and we loaded up the roll top desk and the lawyer's bookcase and transported to his new home in Lexington. Rob and Sarah had the perfect spot to display both pieces and they look lovely in their living room.

Lawyer's Bookcase and Oak Roll Top Desk

I am glad my children like the things I have held onto over the years. My mother's old pie safe resides with my twins, Anne and Leigh, in Georgetown. My mom and dad bought this piece when they married in 1928 at an auction for twenty five cents.

My Mother's Pie Safe in Background

I still have a another pie safe in my office that I use to store computer paper, envelopes, folders, and such. This one is smaller than my mothers and is made of oak.

Smaller oak pie safe

Antiques are really precious pieces of the past and I am sure if they could talk they would have many stories to tell of times gone by and the people who have cared for them over the years.

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Judy, I love your antiques.
About my blog: I tried moving the "square" on the change you elements page. The squares moved and I rearranged them like I wanted them and clicked saved. I thought I had fixed it and was so happy. When I viewed my blog, everything was the same. Boo Hoo!!! Maybe it just takes a while for it to take effect! I'll let you know. thanks