Monday, April 21, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It is a gorgeous day today! I love these warm spring days. I cannot make myself stay inside.

Bob came over last Thursday and we took up the rocks I had going to my outside shed and replaced them with square stones from Home Depot. I still have to dig out under them and make them flat with the ground so they can be run over with the lawnmower. I also planted more grass seed and still need more. There is so much shade in this yard and so many leaves on the ground during the winter that I have to replant grass seed every year. We made a rock flower bed out of the rocks we took up from the yard. I have hostas, some mint, and two different vines planted in the rock bed. I need more shade plants. Anything, that needs sun just has a hard time growing due to all the trees. I received some lilies of the valley I had ordered last week and planted them in another bed in the yard. They are supposed to be good shade plants and will multiply each year I hope.

Tony, my brother-in-law, cut the lawn for the first time this week. It was really beginning to need it in places. I have been picking up sticks for a month trying to get it in shape to mow.

On Friday, we went to Rising Sun, Indiana, so Bob could play in a poker tournament. I played the slots while he was in the tournament. We spent the night and had the buffet breakfast on Saturday before returning home. Bob has not felt well all weekend. He has an upset stomach that may be a virus or something but no fever and I have not caught it and hope I don't.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day just being lazy, making poppy seed cupcakes, reading and watching tv.

This morning, I talked to my niece, Vicky, on the phone, made a trip to the bank, checked out the consignment shop in town and stopped at Kroger for some nice fruit and a few other things.

I have been outside this afternoon checking out my flowers and seeds I have planted. "Hootie", my owl with the revolving head from Walmart, spends his days guarding the patio and keeping the blackbirds off the porch. Before I found him, I had to spray the patio off every day where they used it for a bathroom. He has been a lifesaver and a water saver, too! Bob even went back and got one for himself after he saw what a good job he does at my house.

Anne and Leigh will be leaving for Colorado on Wednesday and I may go over to their place that day and spend some time doing a few small things for them.

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