Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bob's Dilemma

Bob came over last Thursday and said he had not been feeling well. He said he did not sleep good the night before but was insistent that we work in the yard. We went to Home Depot and got some stones and top soil in bags and he loaded it into his truck. This seemed to make him weak and when we got home, I unloaded it by myself and made him sit on the little bench outside and rest. Nothing would do him but to pick up a couple rocks and move them around back. He did not feel good the rest of that day and I tried to get him to postpone our trip to Indiana. He would not hear of this. He wanted to go and play in a poker tournament there so we ended up going. Bob felt bad the entire time we were gone and when we returned on Saturday, he went home and called his doctor. He, evidently, according to a blood test taken in the doctor's office has acquired some kind of bacterial infection and was given a shot of antibiotics to get him started and then a prescription for antibiotics to take twice daily. His appetite must have gone totally away because he quit eating and drinking. Yesterday, he said he felt better and came back to my house. He looked awful and so haggard. He says he has lost 18 lbs. in a week.

I started pouring the liquids into him in the form of juice, and water. Then, made him eat fruit, applesauce, scrambled eggs, and some muffins I had made. He was gradually feeling much better, slept well last night and said he was on the road to recovery this morning and he was sure the food and liquids made the difference.

Next thing I know he has taken a fluid pill and a blood pressure pill and his blood pressure drops down very low. I could not believe he took a fluid pill when he was already dehydrated. We start the liquids again and his blood pressure started coming back up. He said he felt so much better and left for home with a big glass of orange juice in the car.

I guess he goes home and goes to bed and gets up and falls and bloodies his nose. His daughter, Ruth, is now on the way to either take him to the doctor or hospital.

I got a call from daughter Ruth a little bit ago and it seems she has called 911 to take Bob to Central Baptist Hospital since he has fallen and hit his head.

Ruth has continued to call and let me know what is happening and it seems Bob is very dehydrated, is in the emergency room, and they are giving him glucose and running some tests.
He talked with me on the phone and they have already given him 2 bags of glucose and they are waiting to see what the tests tell them. Ruth, Susan, and Michelle are all at the hospital with him at this time. He seems in very good spirits and says he is feeling 100 percent better. He will call me later to let me know whether or not he needs me to come over and stay with him tonight and whether or not they keep him or let him return home.
Now, it seems they are going to keep Bob in the hospital for a few days to run some tests. His blood pressure seems to drop whenever he stands and he had some kidney problems according to the tests they ran in the emergency room.
Ruth has gone to Bob's house to get his stuff and they will call me later if they find out anymore.
She will also call in the morning and let me know if I should come to Lexington.
Ruth called me at seven this morning and said they had done a catscan and it had been good. She was on her way to work and would take off this afternoon. She said Bob's kidneys were showing some problems because all the medicine he was on had side effects that could affect your kidneys. They are doing a scope this morning to check out his stomach. I talked to him and told him I would go clean his house but he does not want me to do that. He says it is in too much of a mess and he does not want me to see it! Ruth said he did not want her or the other girls to see it either! He has been sick for several days and I guess it is a mess but that does not bother me. Anyway, he wants me to wait and see if they let him go home tomorrow. If they do I will suggest he come here so I can take care of him and the girls won't have to miss work.
The doctor thinks the kidney problems can be reversed.

I have talked with Bob three times today by phone and he is still undergoing tests. It seems his blood pressure is still low but they have determined he has pancreatitis.
He will remain in the hospital at least until tomorrow. His appetite is good and he is feeling better. I am going to Lexington tomorrow to visit him in the hospital and if he is able to come home, I will bring him back with me as soon as he is out of the hospital and feels like traveling.

Today is Saturday and I left for Lexington this morning around 8 a.m. I packed a suitcase since I might have to stay over until Bob got out of the hospital. I went to his house and started doing some cleaning to add to what his girls had already done. The doorbell rang and it was Ruth and Susan, two of his daughters, on the way to the hospital. I went with them to Central Baptist and when we got there Bob, his son, was with him and he had been told he could go home today.

Bob waiting to leave the hospital.

They lowered his blood pressure medicine and took him off the fluid pills he had been taking and the arthritis pill. He will go to see his regular doctor and also make an appointment with the internal medicine doctor and he needs to schedule a colonoscopy. He was so anxious to get out of the place and could not wait till the gave him his dismissal papers. The picture below is Bob waiting at the door with suitcase in hand for the nurse to bring him his papers.
Susan and Ruth dropped us off at Bob's house and I finished folding some laundry and
vacuumed the floors. We left there for my house, stopped at Kroger in Lawrenceburg and picked up some baked chicken. I fixed him a welcome home meal with chicken, baked potato, green beans, rolls and tea. He has to watch his diet but says he is feeling so much better and so glad to be out of the hospital. He looks a lot better but thinner. I am glad he is doing so much better and out of the hospital, also.

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