Sunday, October 25, 2009


Have you ever had a deja vu experience in your life?

Deja Vu is French for already seen or the illusion of having experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

There are several types of deja vu.

Deja Vecu is already lived through. Not just "already seen" but "already lived"

Deja Senti is already felt and can include the senses such as smell, taste, etc.

Deja Visite is geographical such as already visited a place.

Deja Lu is feeling as if you have already read something or a writing is familiar.

Jamais Vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily doesn't recognize a word, person, or place that he/she already knows. Jamais Vu is sometimes associated with certain types of amnesia.

Supposedly, 1 out of 2 people has experienced some type of deja vu in the past.

Some people associate Deja Vu with dreams or past lives.

It seems I experience Jamais Vu quite often lately. Usually, I attribute it to having a senior moment!

I like to play Jeopardy and often times the answer just "pops" into my head and I don't know where it came from. Could it be I was smarter in a past life?

Once I was in a restaurant in one of our New England states and felt as if I had been there before. It was a very strange feeling because I recognized everything down to the waitresses and the booth we occupied and the food. I just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. This has never happened to me again and was many years ago.

I think I experience Deja Senti every time I get within a mile of a bakery! Then, I feel it after eating half a dozen donuts.....

Seriously, or not, I would love to hear about deja vu and YOU!



Hi Judy , most interesting topic, quite a few times I have felt I have been to a certain place though I know it could not have been so.
Hope you are well.


bobbie said...

This is a fun post, Judy.
Yes, I have experienced these things many times. It's a weird feeling.
But "senior moments" happen all too frequently these days

Cathy M said...

I've had that feeling of having been in a place before even though I had never even been to that town. It's a very uncomfortable feeling.

patsy said...

Deja Vu judy. i get that feeling sometimes but it usually is heart burn.

Amber Star said...

I was not thinking about a post like this, so no deja vu here, but I have had deja vu experiences in the past. Much more frquently when I was a girl than now. I've felt like I've dreamed of a situation before. That may have been how my mother explained it to me when I would say something about having a feeling of doing something before.

These days I have the Deja Lu one a lot these days, Deja Lu is feeling as if you have already read something or a writing is familiar, but it is really because I've read the book before and forget that I've already read it. :o)

Beth said...

What an interesting post, Judy! I never knew there were different kinds of deja vu. I've certainly had that feeling before of having been in a place previously or sometimes I'll be having a conversation with someone and I feel like we've already had this exact same conversation before. It's kind of an eerie feeling. And Lord knows, I have the jamais vu all the time, especially when I'm trying to think of a common word that I've used a million times but can't remember it.

I keep thinking of Yogi Berra saying, "It's like Deja Vu all over again!" :-)

Thanks for another interesting post!

Balisha said...

Hi Judy,
Joe and I experience Deja Vu many times when we start watching a movie and it is familiar to us....I have to confess, it's not Deja Vu..maybe we've seen it before. :)

Sylvia K said...

Fun and interesting post Judy and, yes, I have experienced Deja Vu in many of it's different forms -- although Jamais Vu is probably the more frequent one these days! Ah, the joys of old age -- I like the French words better, doesn't sound nearly as bad!! I have also met people that I feel certain I have known somewhere in time and that has always been very interesting.



Kate said...

Hi Judy,
I can't think of any 'deja vu' episodes at the moment - but Amber's comment reminds me of something erm... yeah deja lu ... Sometimes when I have used the loo I get to the door to leave the littlest room in the house and darn it all I've an urgent need to go back and use the room again... know what I mean ??

Cheers, Kate x.

Yours for Christ said...

Judy what a nice post. My moments are fleeting and far between episodes. The few times I've had them was like I was only visiting where I was at the time and should be going "back home". Can't say I don't like them. In fact I thought it was a fun feeling. Remember the moments are fleeting for me.


Grannyann said...

I know I have but I will have to try to remember when and what it was.

Betty said...

I don't remember having a "deja vu" experience, but a friend of mine did, when she was a teenager. She accompanied her father on a business trip to Louisiana. They went to one of the old antebellum houses, and when she was greeted by the owner, and before she went in the door, she blurted out, "I've been here before!" Her dad said, "No you haven't. You've never been to Louisiana in your life." She then described the interior of the house, room by room, and asked, "Where is Old Henry?" There was no Old Henry there. The owners got curious, and searched the records and discovered that the pre-civil war owners had a house slave named "Old Henry". Spooky, huh?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes feel I know a place I haven't been to before.

Margie's Musings said...

I have had several such experiences, Judy. I always wonder how that happened when it happens.

Rachel said...

Interesting Judy! I have the jamais Vu quite often these days; more than I like!

I never knew there was more than just the Deja Vu thing!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I most definitely have experienced Deja Senti-- multiple times :-)

Terrific post.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Judy, What an interesting post. I experience Jamais Vu ALOT these days---'old age' I'm sure!!!! ha

I definitely experience Deja Senti ---since I'm so aware of smells --and associate them easily with things I have smelled in the past. Interesting...

About Deja Vu---I have experienced many incidents when I'm sure I've been there before ---but haven't !!!!!?????

Loved this post, Judy.

Anonymous said...

Judy, thanks for you comment, you have made my day

Margaret Cloud said...

Hi Judy, very interesting post. Yes I have experienced this a few times,I enter a home or store and I could swear I had been there before, but know I had not. It gives you the creeps and makes the hair on your neck stand up.

Jamie Dawn said...

I've never had an eerie Deja Vu experience like you had, but I do have those "senior moments" sometimes, and I'm 47 years old. Me thinks I shall have many more of them in the future.
With your Jeopardy luck, you should try and get on the show! You might just win a fortune!!! Then again, a senor moment or two could ruin it for you.
Happy Halloween Weekend. I know your darling grandson will be getting lots of attention and probably some candy too.