Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ghosts or spirits seem to be a common experience for some humans.
Just about everyone has a ghost story to tell.
I can truthfully say I don't ever remember seeing a ghost.
There have been some unexplained things happen in my life that scared me at the time.
I do think maybe there is another dimension that we have not tapped into yet and it might have something to do with dreams.
My dreams are very vivid and I am often visited in dreams by people that have passed on or are about to pass.
I have never heard a child's laughter, had a door to slam, or had things to move around in the house as attributed to a poltergeist.
One time years ago when I owned and ran a small grocery way out in the country, I went to bed one night and was awakened by this horrible, very high pitched, eerie sound coming from my kitchen. It would actually make the hair stand up on the back of your neck it was such a weird noise and I was alone in the house.
The crazy thing about this happening is that I had spent the entire afternoon listening to a bunch of older men that loafed around my big old wood stove tell ghost stories. I laughed from behind the counter in the store and told them how silly they were and that I did not believe in ghosts.
I have to admit some strange and crazy thoughts entered my mind that night as I listened trying to determine what was making that noise. Could it be that since I made fun of those guys a ghost decided to visit me and pay me back for not believing? Could there be someone in the house trying to scare me?
The sound seemed to be getting louder and was occurring about every 10 seconds. I knew I had to check it out or die of fright just listening to it. I got my trusty 38 pistol and Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson and I slowly opened the kitchen door from my bedroom to face off with the ghost of Judy's Market!
To my amazement, I did not see a thing. I stood there for a minute ready to shoot up the whole kitchen if anything moved... Then, I heard it again and it was coming from the freezer. Could a ghost be in the freezer of all places? I slowly opened the door and nothing jumped out at me.
I started taking food out and then I realized what was happening. The fan in back of the freezer was sticking for a few seconds each time it went around! What a relief! I have to admit I was scared to death but glad I found the culprit.
If I had not checked it out or if the noise had stopped before I found out what was causing it, I would have sworn there was a ghost in my house.
Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Has something unexplained happened to you?


Margie's Musings said...

Nope..I don't. But I'll bet we all have a ghost story somewhere, Judy.

Yours for Christ said...

I cannot help but laugh. Don't know if I have such a story, but I am sure interested in those who do.

Good blog as usual.


Joanna Jenkins said...

What a great post. If I'd heard that noise in the middle of the night, I'd have hid under the covers and called 911 :-)

Grannyann said...

Liked your post. I don't have any that stand out. I have recently done some adding to spooky legends here in town. We sure seem to have a lot of places with sightings and sounds.

Jeanie said...

I haven't ever seen or experienced a ghost, but I do believe there are things beyond our understanding that exist in our world. I guess I like to think more in terms of spirits than ghosts. I enjoyed your post.

clairz said...

Judy, this is a wonderful post, as always!

I never had a thought about ghosts or ghostly happenings--that is, until we moved into our antique house in New Hampshire. We had several really odd things happen there, sometimes at night and sometimes during the day, especially after we first moved in and were doing some remodeling. Things settled down after that.

Here is one account, too long to write here: Meeting the Laundry Ghost. I know you have read it and left a comment, perhaps others might be interested in a spooky story...

Balisha said...

Judy I can just see you there in your nightshirt totin' your gun...ready for action.

Sunny said...

Hi Judy :)

I really like this entry you posted for ghosts and spirits...and yes! I believe in ghosts/spirits because I actually had an encounter with one ghost!

It was so cold!

I remember the stove ran out of fuel oil and that's "one reason" it was so cold!

But the ghost (which remains etched in my mind still) was the other reason for cold feeling.

It happened way back in 1963.

Beth said...

What a great story, Judy! I sure am glad that you (and Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson) didn't end up shooting your freezer up! :-) You were brave to go in there to investigate---that would have scared the stuffing out of me. I do believe in spirits---I've had experiences that could not be explained any other way. In fact, I believe I had a visitation from another world just the other day, though I never did figure out who it was.

Amber Star said...

That was a great story! I was thinking it might be a panther/couger or something like that outside. It was very interesting and funny.

One thing that has stuck with me happened when we were in Jamaica. We took a tour of Rose Hall, that belonged to a very evil white woman who did dreadful things to her slaves. We went down into the basement on the tour and waited there for the rest of the group. I was looking around at some artifacts down there. I commented that thank goodness there was air conditioning down there, because it had been a pretty warm day. I In Jamaica it is generally cool enough that no a/c is needed. When I said that the girls who worked there backed away from me and their eyes got big and I felt sort of weird about it all. I guess it could have been a poor soul trying to get my attention, but I'm just not sensitive enough. I guess I do sort of believe in ghosts, but I haven't ever actually seen one....however when we first moved to this house I'd see a little old woman out of the corner of my eye from time to time. I talked to "her" and told her we would take good care of the place and no need to worry. I guess she decided to leave us alone after that. I've not "seen" her since....nor felt anything odd here in my home. Well, anything otherworldly. *L*


Gosh Judy, didn't realise Halloween was so near. I loved your post as it's always so informative.
Take care.



Thanks Judy for the visit and kind words of comfort, very much appreciated.
Take care.

Margaret Cloud said...

Hi Judy, well tiss the season for ghosts and goblins. Liked reading your post, we all think we hear things go bump in the night. I can tell you one thing we have a lot of unexplained noises in our house, night or day. Thank you for coming by. Have a nice weekend.

JunieRose2005 said...


Your story probably rules out a lot of the ghost stories...because a lot of people wouldn't check things out as you did!! :) BTW I have heard that kind of noise from my freezer...Mine sounded like a BAT-I thought!! :)

Oh- but I am open to the possibility...My mom had a few stories like this that could not be explained...For instance- once they lived in an old , run down house (that had the reputation of being haunted) and she and Daddy and her first 3 babies were awakened in the middle of the night by a very loud noise that sounded like a cabinet of china had been turned over and dishes broken! When they went to look....not a thing was out of place...I heard this story and others all my life...

...sooo... who knows! :) My mama (and daddy) wouldn't lie!


The Retired One said...

Oh yes we did. We had an old Victorian house we renovated and had a TON of experiences....every room we worked on, things happened. We never saw anything, but heard lots. I am a believer after living there.
And now the new owner also has had some experiences.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Judy, I don't know if 'ghosts' is the correct word--when I think of angels being around us. I woke up one night --and really felt a 'presence' around me. My eyes were wide open ---and I didn't see anything. BUT--I felt a presence....

Great post. Thanks!

Jeannie said...

Hi Judy! I can't say that I have had anything happen to me that I wasn't able to eventually explain.

P.S. Thanks for your kind comments at my blog. :D

Kate said...

Hi Judy, I do believe in ghosts and I am convinced that a couple of times I have been visited by them. Just a few months after my Mum died my first grandchild Demi was born and I was babysitting her here overnight when she was 3 months old. In the morning I was chatting to her in my arms and telling her how Mum would have loved her etc.. and Demi kept looking round my left shoulder and smiling at something or someone. I felt weird and I'm certain sure that Mum was there smiling at the baby. Our wee dog Trixie would act weird too and stare into space as though she could see someone that I couldn't.

After Trixie died I had the feeling a few times that she visited us, I could swear she was doing what she always did on the carpet at my side of my bed - she would continually move round and round until she felt comfortable enough to lay down. She was 18 yrs old when she died and I missed her dreadfully.

I've felt Mum a number of times too in the last 15 years but that time with Demi was so clear that I'm sure she was there and to be honest it eased my mind a bit because I felt that she was OK and watching over us and her extended family.

Thanks for posting this Judy - some folk might be worried - but it comforts me that the spirit of loved ones come back to visit.

Rachel said...

I haven't seen, and don't want to see any! I have heard my parents telling about things they have seen that they can't explain, and, like Junie Rose, I know they wouldn't lie!

Your story was funny!! I'm glad nothing moved so you didn't shoot up the kitchen!! LOL

anewwayoflife08 said...

My mom told me that when I was little they used to hear me talking in the night. When asked I would say I was talking to the nice old lady. Toys that were on high shelfs that I had no hope of reaching would be on the floor. Mom and dad asked around and were told that the last owner of the house had been an old lady who had had a lot of time for children. I have been to place with hubby and have felt very uncomfortable only to find out later that the place was supposed to have a ghost.

So yes I believe but I don't believe every noise, photo and sighting are true

Grammy said...

Hey, Judy,
First, let me say thank you for visiting my blog so regularly and leaving the encouraging comments and well-wishes. Secondly, about ghosts and spirits, my mom could tell some great stories about them, and we heard them all during our growing up years. It was wonderful! I think I must have gotten my love for storytelling from her.

Amber Star said...

I told my husband about your freezer story and we both had a good laugh. We get weirded out about some things sometimes. Once he thought someone was breaking into the house or something. He got up and got the gun...he tossed it on the bed and it bounced. My heart stopped, because it could have gone off and well, I wouldn't be writing this today. He has calmed down a lot now. I really can't remember if it was a loud sound or if the alarm system went off in the middle of the night. That in itself would be enough to put me in my grave nearly. Our access to the attic is in the garage and at that time the garage doors would let air into the garage a lot and it would lift up the access cover and BLAM shrieking alarms...everywhere.

We do have a wagonish sort of things to tote my heavy stuff around. It is a garden and doesn't hold many pots of plants, but will hold a lot of bags of dirt and/or mulch.
We have a dolly to pick up some of the heavier pots. We love it and it has saved our back many a time. We get pretty frantic when it is about time for the first freeze. After we get everything in the greenhouse I don't worry about it too much. Just making sure the heat doesn't get too high.

heartofacountryhome said...

Hi, Judy. Glad you stopped by. I'm working on the festival pics now and hope to have some posted by tomorrow. Hope you come again. :)

heartofacountryhome said...

Hi, Judy. Glad you stopped by. I'm working on the festival pics now and hope to have some posted by tomorrow. Hope you come again. :)

Nezzy said...

I have had many supernatural experiences happen in my life that I attribute to the hand of God. The Bible talks about good and evil spirits around us, such as the definition of ghosts. Most interesting post , girl. Gotta' run, I think my toilet just flushed itself! :o) oooOOOOOOOOOoo!

Have a greatly blessed day free of things that go bump in the night!!!

Balisha said...

Judy...Your blog looks so "halloweeny!"

Boolisha :)

Amber Star said...

I didn't read the poem on the sidebar before, but I really liked it. I don't think we had poems or sayings to scare us into being good, back when I was a kid.