Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Kentucky has been home to this castle since it was built by Real Estate Developer, Rex Martin, back in 1969. It is located on Versailles Road in Woodford County near Keeneland Race Track.

I will never forget the first time I saw this structure. I had moved back to Frankfort, our capital city, and gone back to work for state government. I had been away from this area of our state for almost 30 years. I was on my way to a meeting in Lexington with several co-workers. I could not believe my eyes! A real live castle on a hill with turrets, and a fence surrounding the place. I was mesmerized and could not stop talking about it. Of course, they all thought it was so funny that I had never seen it before.

Anyway, the castle set empty for 30 years and was a topic of conversation for Kentuckians as well as tourists that happened to pass by and stopped to take photographs.

It was purchased in 2003 by Tom Post for 1.8 million and has gone through extensive renovation and been renamed, "CastlePost".

CastlePost is now complete with lodging fit for a king for overnight guests, weddings, and charity fund-raising events. There are 16 guest rooms, 21 bathrooms, a library, dining room for 40 guests, ballroom, game room, 20' x 50' pool, tennis and basketball courts. There will be bowling lanes and a putting green on the roof. Cost of a room is from $375 to $475 a night or $1,250 for turret suits!

This link will take you to their website: http://www.thecastlepost.com/ If you scroll down to the spot that says: Check out the CastlePost on KET News, there is a very interesting video there that gives information about the castle's history and how Tom Post's dream is finally coming together.

So, if you want to stay in a real castle and live like a king while you are here visit us in the heart of Bluegrass Country.

Do you have an unusual place or structure near where you live that has been a curiosity to visitors?


clairz said...

Judy, you always have the most interesting posts! This place is amazing. When I was a child, my family visited the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. I never forgot that glimpse of riches beyond imagining, as I saw it and dreamed about living there for years.

Thank you for sharing this unusual place with us.

Amber Star said...

Morning, Judy,
We have a lot of attractions, but not a real castle in Fort Worth, that I'm aware of.


Amber Star said...

In Weatherford, just to the west of us there is a wonderful garden and home. I'm pretty sure there isn't a castle there either, but there might be. It is called Chandor Garden.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Judy, What a gorgeous castle. I had no idea this was in Kentucky. SO beautiful!!!!

The closest thing we have here in Crossville, TN is our big huge TREE HOUSE. Did you see that post I wrote about it???

It doesn't hold a candle to your castle though.

Sylvia K said...

Another fun and interesting post as always, Judy! Really cool looking place! Don't see many of those in our country, but they're all fun! We have a couple here in the northwest, but not as "castle like" as yours!!

Enjoy your week!


CountryDreaming said...

Intriguing ... Drove by this place several years ago while visiting Kentucky. Super cool that they've opened it up to the public.


Judy this was an absolute priceless post, I love reading about castle and the like. you always come up with something different which holds my interest.
Thanks for sharing.

Take care.

Jeannie said...

Wow- a real life castle. That is so cool, Judy!

California has lots of interesting places. I see that Clairz mentioned Hearst Castle. I have not yet had the pleasure. The other side of the state has the very famous and beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel. I have not been there either. Gee, I need to get out more!

Jeannie said...

My link for the Ahwahnee did not work. I accidentally added a "/" at the end. Sorry 'bout that.

Margaret Cloud said...

Wow, a castle, how neat is that, it looks just great. I wouldn't mind a nights stay, but I can't afford it. Have a great week and thanks for sharing this with us.

The Retired One said...

What an amazing place. It is my husband's dream to build a castle if he ever hits the lotto. He even has a bluff picked out in Michigan. ha
I told him he'd have to build it with his half of the winnings and hire cleaning staff for it too. :-}

Joanna Jenkins said...

Who knew Ky had a castle! Awesome.
Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness---that is amazing! I can see why you were open-mouthed when you first saw it, Judy---you sure don't expect to come upon a castle while driving down a country road. The one thing it's missing, though, is a moat with alligators in it! :-)

I am equally amazed at the cost of staying there. Even if I won big money in the lottery tomorrow, there is no way I'd spend that much money for a one-night stay.

Grannyann said...

Wow, what a neat place. I love it!

June Saville said...

When I come to visit Judy, I think I'll settle for a tent in your daughters' horse paddock. Close to nature/reality type am I.
June in Oz

grammyof13 said...

First off - WHAT ABOUT THAT KEVIN SKINNER? I'll have to say I was kinda surprised eventhough I wanted him to win. I thought Barbara had a better stage presence. Anyway, glad I was wrong. I'll keep an eye on him as he is polished for his new life.

Second - Castle? Now how is that for a conversation piece. Don't imagine I'll get to spend a night there in this life time, but I will take a look at the web site.

ALWAYS enjoy your posts! Blessings.

anewwayoflife08 said...

Oh wow, what a place to stay

Jamie Dawn said...

That castle's nightly (or it is knightly) costs are out of my price range.
What a neat looking place!!

Hot Springs has some interesting old buildings and hotels with interesting stories and history about them.
I love those kinds of places.

Rachel said...

I'm glad they finally did open it up. It's a bit pricy though for us poor folks, but I'm sure lots of people think nothing of paying those prices! I have taken lots of pictures of this castle before! It's neat to see it there on the hill! I'll have to check out their web page now!

Rachel said...

I checked out their web site!! Wow, that place is packed with luxury!! No wonder it's expensive! Sure would be a nice place to stay! Very elegant...more so than I expected!

Wouldn't it be something to own a place like that! Wow!

Kate said...

Hi Judy, Blimey - I'm with June in Oz, I'd prefer a tent with friendly folks rather than a cold castle...

Great subject though, I'm off now to 'do a nosy' and check out the web site.

Hugs, Kate x.

Smita Tewari said...

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Smita Tewari said...

blog: www.smitaspoetry.blogspot.com
Very pretty castle, but I am most impressed with the pics of your grandson!
No wonder you sound so positive!
Do visit my blog:www.smita-poetry.blogspot.com