Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First of all let me say that my blogging friend, Balisha, is at home and doing well. Thanks again for all your prayers and concern.

I spent the weekend with my daughter, Anne, on the farm in Georgetown. (Leigh was out of town) We had a great time.

On Saturday morning, I went with her to get a load of hay for the horses and was able to help load some of it. Next, we road the backroads around Georgetown, Lexington, and Midway. It is beautiful here this time of the year with all the horse farms, board fences, and fall colors. We had lunch at a little place called Wallace Station where you can eat outside at picnic tables and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having.

That's Anne feeding hay to the horses on the left.

Later in the day, we went to the Peddlers Mall and Big Lots and then ordered a big pizza from
Fat Kats for dinner.

We stayed up real late and looked at old pictures of the farm the kids grew up on. The photo below is of me and a friend in 1978. It was 4 months after my twins were born. The girl with me in the photo is Cassie Durham. She is on the left and I am on the right.

For all you gardeners out there, the photo on the left below is our just plowed garden back then. We used to grow, can, and freeze all our vegetables on the farm.

On Sunday morning, my son, Rob, his wife, Sarah, and TW, Anne, Bob and I met at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. The food was great and we all enjoyed seeing each other.
Thomas Wyatt came to spend the night with me on Monday. We watched videos, ate oats (his favorite thing to eat), and played with cars and trucks. Oh yes, we had to play hide-in-seek.

The picture below is TW hiding. He thinks I can't see him when he gets behind the shutters!

Look at his toes in this picture. I do the same thing!

He is getting sleepy when he lies down, wants his blanket and gathers all his toys, and cup around him. He is watching a Mishee Mouse video. He can't pronouce Mickey yet.

Today, was grocery shopping and a haircut. I am worn out! Now, to get around to all the blogs and make comments, finally! Hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week.


Anne and Leigh said...

I had a WONDERFUL weekend with you Mom. I loved every minute of it! Love you!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat Judy to get to visit with your daughter ---and also your grandson. He's a cutie pie...

Great picture of you taken with your friend. You look great considering the fact that you just gave birth to twins....

Have a wonderful week and get some REST.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful pictures. So much of your life reminds me of mine.
If we could ever meet at the Cracker Barrel in Franklin, Ky - which is an hour from me - I would love to meet you. Do not know how far that is from you?
I am so happy to be back on line "daily".

bobbie said...

So glad about your friend.
That grandson of yours gets cuter every time I see a picture!


Sp pleased your firend is on the road to recovery.

It is always lovely to visit our offsprings and grandchildren, seems a good time was had by all.
Thanks for sharing your week-end with us,

Yvonne. TN said...

I'm glad your friend is home. I wish her well. I know you enjoyed the time with your daughter. I love to go to Lisa's farm and help her. I don't get to go as often as I once did. I miss it too! TN said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how cute TW is. But you know that already! :-)

Amber Star said...

I'm just glad my kids don't have a farm...just looking at that plowed field for your garden made me want to stay in the city. I do enjoy your daughters, and your grandson a lot...your son and dil?, too. It is always nice to visit your blog.

Kate said...

TW is soooo cute and cuddly looking I can see the picture of him on the floor just not far from the land of Nod - Gosh, the time goes so quickly and the kids grow up as quick as winkie. I had Louis as usual yesterday and he is like a mini me of David - as TW is of his Dad .

My... having the farm must have been hard work, especially while having to cope with the children too - I have no doubt though that you wouldn't change a thing, you must have so many memories.

I'm just looking out and we have a big yellow ball up in the sky ... wonder what that is ? Hope you have a great day!

Cheers and Hugs Kate x.

Beth said...

Oh my, Judy...that is a big garden! You must have canned and eaten and frozen a LOT. I can imagine how busy your summers must have been, but how wonderful it must have been come winter to eat of your garden's bounty. And, boy, you sure looked great to have just given birth to twins!

TW, as always, is so, so cute. I love that picture of him with all his toys gathered around him. Does he take them all to bed with him?

So happy to hear that Balisha is doing so well. Thank God.

Margaret Cloud said...

I wanted to comment about how glad I am that Balisha is doing so well.

Margaret Cloud said...

Glad you had a nice fun time with your daughter. That grandson of yours is the cutest little boy and he sure is growing, love the pictures. When you talk about TW it makes me think of the good times I had with my grand kids, I miss that a lot, but they are all over twenty now. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, have a great weekend.

The Retired One said...

I have been doing some traveling and our weather has finally turned warm here. The autumn leaves are changing so I am spending all day every day outside, away from my computer for the last two weeks. I therefore got behind in reading everyone's blogs and am not posting on my own as often. I am just now reading your back posts. I hope Balisha is doing better, I will say a prayer for her continued recovery.

grammyof13 said...

Thankful your friend is home and hopefully mending. I'm sure her husband is also glad.

I'm glad you and your daughter had such a nice time, and your visit with TW also iced the cake I imagine. He is such a cutie!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Your little Thomas Wyatt is as cute as ever!

anewwayoflife08 said...

what a wonderful weekend

anewwayoflife08 said...

what a wonderful weekend

Jeannie said...

I'm very glad to know that Balisha is home and doing well.

Your grandson is a little doll!

Grammy said...

Hi, Judy,
I am just now really checking other blogs again. Lovely pictures and glad your friend is doing so well after such serious surgery. I hope she continues to do well.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers during my recent surgeries and recovery.

Amber Star said...

Miz Judy,
This afternoon I watched the documentary about the Harlan County war on The Independant Film Channel. I must have seen this actual one before somewhere. I've seen the one with Holly Hunter and thought it was really good. The real interviews were so heartbreaking and so much as I remember my daddy talking about unions. My daddy wasn't a miner, but was a milk man...I think we have gone over that before. :)

Anyway, I don't remember seeing anything about the Harlan County thing on your blog. It was fierce and not sugar coated. The singing was hill country and Oh Lord it was so much like the folk music and indeed was the melody of some very old songs. Mining was a very hard life. I can't remember if the mine closed eventually or not. I could probably look it up myself, but figured you might know more.

Rachel said...

Glad to hear the good report on Balisha.

What a wonderful visit with your daughter. I love the horse farms and how beautifully they are maintained. It sure makes for a beautiful drive!

TW is so cute!! You are blessed!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so happy to hear that Balisha is home and doing well. I pray she completely recovers and beats this cancer forever!!

TW is getting bigger. Kids grow WAY too fast. He is adorable!

I'm glad you enjoyed time with Anne. Family is the most important thing we have in this life.