Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Quick Post for Another Award. It is raining Awards!

This is the time of the year for festivals, awards, and such. This award was given by Ugich at gappa. The award is for blogs whose content and/or design are brilliant as well as creative. Please check out this site. I am passing this award onto Kate at . . . . . . . . . SHAMBLES MANOR . . , Lom at A new year, a way of life, Yvonne at WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY:, Jeanne at I Like To Be Here When I Can , Ann at Ann Tucker Blog - The Blogging Granny, Ginny at CHICKOWASCO Chatter , Grammy at livinglifeafter65 . If interested in participating, save the award and place it in your sidebar, and pass it on to the brilliant bloggers whose blogs you read and enjoy. Thanks.


Kate said...

Hi Judy, Thankyou for your award, funnity enough I have just been checking around the blogs and had come across 'Gappa' and thought how great it looks - Thanks for the compliment - Cheers again, Kate x.

Margie's Musings said...

Wow! You are overflowing with awards, Judy. That's such fun!


Thanks for the award Judy, how do I save it to put in my sidebar?
Have a pleasant day.


Beth said...

Yay, Judy! Congratulations on all your wonderful and well-deserved awards!

Grannyann said...

Wow, thanks Judy. I am honored. I will get my award up just as soon as I come up with my 7 favorites. Again, Thanks so much!!!

Grammyof13 said...

Judy, Thanks again! You are so thoughtful, I think I have found a friend - over and above a blogging buddy.

I enjoyed the 1908 article. My dad will be 100 in October, and we are planning to celebrate with what sounds like the whole town turning out. His mind is still great, and he is a joy even though he gets cantankerous occasionally. He said, "I don't feel old".

Your blog is so festive. Good post also.


Jeannie said...

How how very sweet of you, Judy. Thank you for thinking of me!!

Your friend,

LOM said...

Thank you so much Judy, that has made my day