Thursday, September 25, 2008


First of all I have received another, "I Love Your Blog Award" from Jeanne of I Like To Be Here When I Can. Please check out her blog. Thanks, Jeanne. I would like to nominate the following people: Clairz of The Zees Go West, Nancy at Life Is Good..., Ugich at gappa, Rachel at Sliding through life , Junie at Junie's Place, Amber Star at serenity days, Anne and Leigh at My Twin Daughters Blog, Twin Crossroads. Please check out these great blogs. If you were nominated and would like to participate, save the award and place it in your sidebar, and nominate the people whose blog you love.

Second, Kate of . . . . . . . . . SHAMBLES MANOR . . has nominated me to carry the torch for the meme to name five of my current addictions, so here goes:

1. Blogging - I love all my blogging friends and enjoy very much reading blogs.

2. Sweets - I love cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, chocolate. If it has sugar, I like it!

3. Tea - I drink tea all the time. It is my favorite drink.

4. Reality Shows - I love just about every one of them.

5. Consignment Shops, Flea Markets and Antique Malls. I can spend hours browsing through them all.
Now, I nominate 2 people to carry the torch for this meme. Jeanne of I Like To Be Here When I Can and Amber Star of serenity days. If you two decide to carry the torch, please nominate two people for this. Thanks.

Next, is a challenge from Clara of Clara's Corner asking, "Who Will Take The Challenge?" If you decide you want to take the challenge, you have to list 100 things about yourself. If not interested in this challenge or reading my list, just skip this post. I will tell you one thing. This is not easy. I had to make a list and add to it as things popped into my head and it was a challenge but turned out to be fun. So my list is below.

1. I have 3 children, twin girls and a boy, Anne Parker and Leigh Harper, and Charles Robert.
2. I have one grandchild, a boy 16 months old, Thomas Wyatt
3. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law, Sarah
4. I love all my family very much.
5. I am 5' 3" tall
6. I am a people person
7. I love God
8. I love to cook.
9 I love to read, non-fiction and biographies. Not much on fiction.
10.I graduated high school, real estate school, and some college.
11. I like to live simply but comfortably.
12. I color my hair but hate doing it.
13. I am very organized.
14. I like to fish
15. I love flowers
16. I like to work outside in the yard
17. I like to play gin rummy
18. I like lots of different kinds of music, but not rap
19. Tea is my favorite drink
20. Scent of a Woman is my favorite movie.
21. I do my own nails.
22. I am an early riser
23. I love retirement
24. I talk to my girls on the phone every day and sometimes more than once.
25. I am afraid of strong wind and storms. Too many big trees in my yard.
26. I am afraid of spiders, even the tiny ones. They sneak up on you.
27. I love reality t.v. shows, Big Brother, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, America's Got Talent, Idol. Like them all.
28. I love my computer, a lot of my friends are in it.
29. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
30. Fall is my favorite season
31. I used to deer, rabbit, and squirrel hunt but I am no Sarah Palin!
32. I love pottery
33. I can't work as hard as I once did.
34. I can't play an instrument
35. I love watching the sun come up
36. I love beaches
37. I love to walk
38. I don't like cold weather or snow
39. I like to hang clothes out to dry
40 I love shoes
41. I love handbags, new ones, used ones, cheap ones, expensives ones. Love them all.
42. I used to live on a farm and loved it. Raised a big garden and canned vegetables, worked in tobacco, and had chickens, horses, a cat and two dogs, and cattle.
43. I am a good speller (most of the time)
44. I owned and ran a country store for seven and a half years.
45. I retired from state government
46. I love a fireplace and woodstove
47. I have sold real estate
48. I don't take any kind of medicine.
49. I wear glasses
50. I used to be a runner and ran 5k races. Won a trophy in my 40s. Ran my last race 4 years ago.
51. I like comfortable clothes, jeans, and sweats.
52. I hate high-heeled shoes
53. I broke every bone in my left foot and spent 13 days in the hospital in 1993.
54. I have 10 screws and a plate in my left foot from the fall I took in #53.
55. I have weird dreams sometimes.
56. I get one lottery ticket on Wednesday and one on Saturday
57. New Orleans is one of my favorite places.
58. I did some freelance writing and was published in several magazines back in the 80s.
59. I am the middle child with an older and younger sister, no brothers.
60. I love my state of Kentucky
61. My favorite song is Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.
62. My favorite food is shrimp
63. I have a pilates that I work out on.
64. I am allergic to ragweed
65. I like helping other people
66. I like to take pictures and carry my camera with me most of the time.
67. My son is an very good artist, has acted in several movies, and works for a t.v. station.
68 My girls own a farm and horses, barrel race, are great horsewomen, and one works in the cattle industry and the other works for a magazine.
69. My daughter in law is a director at the Ronald McDonald House
70. I love my life
71. I am healthy as far as I know
72. I am mostly easy going but if pushed will come out fighting.
73. I used to smoke but quit several years ago
74. I may have a glass of wine or a beer once in a great while
75. I am left handed
76 I have a soft heart
77. I cry when I watch a sad movie
78 I have a sense of humor and love to make people laugh
79 My favorite color is blue but I like purple flowers
80. I used to love to dance
81. I admire people who can sing and play an instrument
82. I like poetry
83. I like to be around happy people that enjoy life
84. I absolutely love those little dollar hot fudge sundaes at McDonalds.
85. I made enough money on ebay one winter just selling stuff Bob and I wanted to get rid of to fly to Florida and spend 8 days on the beach.
86. I have a cell phone that only works half the time from my house. I don't like cell phones!
87. I admire people that are able to do things with their hands like crochet, knit, etc. I don't have the patience.
88. I am a Libra.
89. I take a one a day vitamin and calcium every day.
90. I have been single longer than I have ever been married. (That is a long story for another time)
91. I have green eyes
92. I have a wonderful man in my life and I love and appreciate him very much.
93. Bob and I have been seeing each other for 4 years.
94. My hair is fine and thin (Hence all the bad hair days on my blog)
95. I love clocks
96. I need to replace my carpet in my house
97. I am always getting rid of stuff and calling myself downsizing.
98. I am a very lucky person.
99. I would not change anything about my life.
100. I am glad I did this but glad it is finished!

Clara, This was a hard thing to do! I challenge anyone with the stamina to try this!


Jeannie said...

I wrote about my five addictions, Judy. Thanks for passing the torch along to me.

I may take you up on the 100 things about me list. That's a tough challenge, but I liked reading your list and learning more about you. We have a lot in common. I love to cook too and to read everything but fiction. I also love handbags. Too bad we didn't live near one another. We'd shop until we drop!

Anne and Leigh said...


What a neat list, I really enjoyed reading it. I can honestly say SHE LOVES those dollar sundaes at McDonalds! heheh! Great list!

Love you dearly!

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on your well deserved award!


I drink tea too, iced or hot.
I drink several Bigelow brand teas, and I love American Classics tea that I first tried in Charleston, SC. Now, I order it in bulk.

I'm not with you on the reality shows. I don't care for most of them, but you can watch twice as many of them to make up for my lack of watching.

I have fine, thin hair too, also, as well. I am thankful that both my kids got the genes for thicker hair.

One Woman's Journey said...

Oh Judy
I can go over the list and most is me. I am a Libra, 5 ft 2/1/2
Broke my instep and now cannot wear a lot of shoes. Love shrimp, mornings, tea, and on and on.
Now I know we have a lot in common.

ugich konitari said...

Judy, Thanks for the great award. BIG surprise, and my first award in the blogosphere....

Kate said...

Wow Judy you did well there, that is 'some' effort, it was lovely to read all the things about you though. Gosh, it would have taken me three days to do it ! Cheers, Kate x.

Beth said...

Congratulations on your award, Judy! I love your blog, too!

I really enjoyed reading your "100 things." You and I have a lot in common. I absolutely hate high-heeled shoes, too. In fact, I can't even walk in the things without falling off of them! Oh, and I just downloaded "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by one of my favorite singers of all time--Eva Cassidy.

Great post!

Kelly said...

What a great post!!! I enjoyed it so much! I also want to thank you for the sweet words of wisdom! I really appreciate them and you'll never know how much they helped, thank you!!! I have never noticed that you had two other blogs! I can't believe that I've never seen them! They are great! I enjoyed reading about your market and was sad when the floods came and you lost it. I also like the other one with your great foods! I will go back and read more of them too! I have this listed on my blog as a "favorite" so I always click here and just see this one. Is this going to still be your main one? Now that I know about the others, I'll of course be reading them too! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me!!!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the award mom!! I love you very much!!


Grannyann said...

Very interesting. Surprising how many things a person can think of to list. Thanks for sharing.


Loved reading your blog will certainly return.


Nancy said...

Thanks ffor the award, Judy! I love your blog, too!
I loved reading your list of 100facts. We do have much in common. Someday, when I have the time to sit and think, I will try a list like that of my own. TN said...

Judy, thank you for taking the challenge. I really enjoyed reading your 100 things. We are a lot alike! I know we would get along good together. I can't believe you don't take any medicine. Lucky You!! When I told my grandson I was writing 100 things about myself...he said "Did you write that you have a sense of humor and that you have pretty feet?" Anyone who wants to do this, take several days and jot them down on paper. It took me three days, and then I put them on my blog. It's fun. I probably could think of 100 more! Thanks Judy for taking my challenge.

ugich konitari said...

Judy, Its raining awards ! Something for you at my blogsite check.


Loved your list, and blog much time and effort gone into writing this I'm sure.
Have had a bad cold hence no new poems but will re-continue today.
Hope all is wwell with you.