Monday, September 15, 2008


I have been tagged by Kate at . . . . . . . . . SHAMBLES MANOR . . . I am supposed to answer the following questions and then tag three other people, so here goes:

1) Where was I - 10 years ago?

I was working for the State of Kentucky, Department for Human Resources in the local field office as a Casemanager. My job was to try and place welfare recipients into a job and help them to become self sufficient and get off the welfare programs. I worked with local agencies such as employment services, ged programs, churches, housing facilities, transportation agencies, etc. to assist in reaching these goals. We reduced the welfare roles significantly in our area in a matter of a few years. I, then, transferred to the State Ombudsmans Office where we addressed and applied welfare policy to difficult case situations and tried to help clients with issues.

2) What's on my 'to do' list for today ?

I plan to pick up sticks off my yard and drag limbs to the side of the road for the county to grind up. We had 70 mile an hour winds from remnants of Ike and my power has been off, phone out, and cable and internet down overnight. The weatherman promised rain but not a drop.
Some roads are blocked but nothing like Ike in Texas and Louisiana.

3) What if I were a Billionaire ?

I would give my children a million each, pay off all their bills, pay off all my bills and build a dream home on about five acres of land, hire a gardener, travel, give some to charity, and try to help out people that really need it.

4) Places I have lived ?

I have always lived in Kentucky in Frankfort, Danville, and Gravel Switch.

5) Bad Habits ?

My girls say I don't listen well and I sometimes talk over people.

6) Snacks I like ?

I love chocolate and ice cream and cookies.

There's only 3 folk being tagged and they are: Margie of Margie's Musings, Doris at
livinglifeafter65, and Ernestine at My Journey To Mindfulness. Please check out these blogs. If you were tagged and would like to participate, please copy the questions, give your answers, and tag three more people you would like to know more about or find interesting. Kate, I did my part!! The questions are listed below if you want to copy and paste them into your post and not have to type them out.

1) Where was I - 10 years ago?
2) What's on my 'to do' list for today ?
3) What if I were a Billionaire ?
4) Places I have lived ?
5) Bad Habits ?
6) Snacks I like ?


Beth said...

Judy, I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about you in this post. I'm sorry you got walloped by Ike, but I'm glad your damage isn't any worse. I hope your back injury is better--be careful out there picking up all those fallen branches! Don't overdo it.


Judy, I enjoyed your blog as always , It's interesting to know about other people and their lives.

Thanks for dropping by, yes cats do get diabetes, Tabitha had it for 4 years and me having to inject her twice daily we got very close then my husband passed away and she seemed to know, she was a most loving cat and I still miss her.

June Saville said...

Judy I can see the worth of this tagging buisiness! We get to understand each other better - to know where we're coming from.
I'm not at all surprised that you worked with the less well off in society - you shine empathy.
We'd be fun in a room together - I think we're both maybe a bit loud!
Was wondering about you this week with Ike an all. Looked at a map to see how close you were.
Pleased you liked my 70 Plus and Still Kicking post on Brisbane and art.
June in Oz

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy we must be twins. Most of what you shared "is me". I guess that is why I enjoy hearing from you so much. We have a lot of the same interest. Wish you lived down the road instead of over the hill!!!

Leigh said...


I think it is hilarious that you say "my girls say I dont listen very well." I think you have a son that should be included in that as well. hehehe It isn't just me and Anne. I can say though, there has never been a time that you weren't there to listen to me! Maybe we both like to be heard to much. heheh

I love you!


Anne and Leigh said...

I agree with Leigh's comment!
Love you!


bobbie said...

What a nice comment from your daughters. TN said...

Hi Judy, I enjoyed the "tag". And my sourdough bread is delicious! I can't wait to make two more loves. My neighbor went to The Hospice House yesterday evening. The family liked the loaf of bread I gave them. I pray you son does well. Enjoy TW!

Jamie Dawn said...

Pass the chocolate, ice cream, and cookies!!!
Thanks for the work you did helping people make the transition from welfare to being self sufficient. I'm sure that job was very rewarding, and those people's self confidence went way up when they were able to make it on their own.

I'd love to have a billion dollars!! I'd make sure all my family members had their debts paid off and plenty of money to spare. Then, I'd help as many people as I could with their debts and I'd give tons of money to help fight cancer and other diseases. What a joy that would be!!

Nancy said...

I think those were really neat and different questions for one of those "memes."

Hope your power is back on. One of my sons and my dad are still out after 5 days, and the power company is saying it could be up to 9 days more. We only lost power for about 6 hours, so we were lucky.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Too bad you are on the other side of that hill Judy, I would like to be a billionaire with you, we would have some fun!!! Loved this little post today.

Kate said...

Hi Judy, I'm home and glad to be so, MEN ! poor loves ! they have sooo much to put up with haven't they ? Just how we manage without them I haven't a clue - arghhhhh! why are they 'dying' from colds ? why are they to suffer sooo much from a stomach ache ? why can't they just lie in bed and feel sorry for themselves ? These are the most difficult questions in this hard old world to be answered
aren't they ??? I must admit to being sooo pleased to be 'home' and 'doin' ! if ya know what I mean? I'm a typical homebuddy like to go a visit but 'love to be at home better' Cheers Kate x.
You had such an interesting job and must have got a lot of satisfaction from it Judy, It's great to read more about 'you'...

Rachel said...

I enjoyed reading these! I'm glad you had no major damage from Ike. It's amazing how he swept through so fast. We had winds here but not like you all did. We also got rain that evening and when the rain came the wind just stopped.

Oh, I may have to try your sourdough bread sometime! TN said...

Hi Judy, what I did on my 100 things on my blog....It took me three days to write them down on paper. Every time I would think of one, I would write it down, and then it doesn't take very long to type it into your blog.
The sourdough bread is wonderful. I'm getting ready to make two more loaves today. The neighbor where I took the loaf, died last Thursday. I'm getting read to go to her funeral today. Those grandkids can wear you out...been there and done that...LOL But aren't they wonderful???

Kate said...
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