Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thomas Wyatt Spends the Night at Nanna JuJu's

Thomas Wyatt came to spend the night with me on Wednesday. My son, Rob, became ill on Wednesday morning and had to go to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with a kidney stone, given lots of pain medicine and sent home to see if he would pass the stone.

Sarah, my daughter-in-law, brought TW to me on Wednesday afternoon so that Rob could get some rest and hopefully the stone would pass and everything would be o.k. Rob did pass the stone on Wednesday night but has to see a urologist because he has another stone that showed up in his right kidney in the x-rays.

TW just runs himself to death when he comes to my house. He follows me everywhere I go and checks out everything I do. If I go into the bedroom, he closes the bedroom door so that we are shut up in that room together and he plays while I am making the bed or whatever.

I gave him a bath in my kitchen sink on Wednesday night and he thought that was great fun! It is easier for me to get him in and out of the sink than the bathtub and I think it is safer also.

After getting his bath and getting all rubbed down with baby lotion and into his pajamas he went to sleep at 7 p.m. and slept until 6:30 a.m.

He gets up with a happy face ready to face another day of playing, running around all over the place and checking out all the wonders of this world!

Rob was feeling much better on Thursday and picked him up in the afternoon. TW is always happy to see his dad and his mom but I think he really likes to come to Nanna's house where he just about gets to do what he wants.

He is the sweetest little boy on earth and his Nanna loves him so much.

I think he knows that though!!!!!!

12 comments: TN said...

Oh, TW is a handsome young man. Don't you just love him to pieces? And your love for him will NEVER stop growing!

Beth said...

Thomas Wyatt is such a cutie! And he looks like such a joyful baby.
I'm glad your son is feeling better, Judy. Kidney stones are so very painful.

patsy said...

i am sorry your son is ill. I have been told kidney stone are very painful.

JunieRose2005 said...


He's such a little doll baby!! A beautiful boy!

I'm sorry your son was ill but glad you had that special time with TW.


Kate said...

Hi Judy, Thomas Wyatt is a gorgeous wee thing - Grandchildren can wrap themselves around your heart - can't they ? There are some very special ones around - and your own are 'more' special than others.. I know that when my younger son was small I couldn't go to the loo on my own until he was nearly four - he was terrified I would go away-yet my older son just wanted to know me when he was ill .... weird ! You know the funny thing though, if anything happened to me the younger one could cope - my elder one would fall to pieces... Cheers for now, hope your son is feeling better.
Love Kate x.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Hi, Judy. I can practically smell that sweet baby smell that TW probably had when you got him ready for bed. He is so CUTE!

Hubby has about 5+ kidney stones a year (side effect of a condition and medicine for it). I'll never forget the pain he used to have, but now he'll email me from work to say, "just passed another" as if it is practically nothing now! I do hope Rob is feeling better and the 2nd stone will pass without a procedure. EMRMC in Danville is Hubby's preferred place to have it done when necessary.


luv2gosup said...

I continue to read your blog on a daily basis. What fun grandchildren are!! Mine are practically grown now, but they continue to come back every chance they can to give love or to receive unconditional love. Your grandson is adorable. I have never had a kidney stone but understand one is quite painful.

Grammy said...

Dear Judy,
What an adorable grandchild,and you are so fortunate to have him so close by. My grandchildren have always lived away from us. But I do know they really smell adorable when they've had that bath and lotion applied. I had to laugh outloud when I read about you bathing him in the sink. That is where I bathed my daughters until they were old enough to go into the bathtub safely. I had a hard time bending over, too, because of a bad back. We have many things in common in our backgrounds. I'm really enjoying reading your blog.
I feel almost like I know you and Clara. Grammy.

judypatooote said...

He really is precious....and when my grandson comes over, (he's 1 &1/2) after he leaves, I sure do feel my age....boy their fast... LOL.....judy

Rachel said...

He is so cute!! I just want to pinch those sweet cheeks!! Adorable!

Sorry Rob has kidney stone problems. I know they are so painful. I worked for a urologist and I've seen the poor sick folks that have them. Awful!

I enjoyed your post on Ephraim McDowell. No, I cannot imagine riding all those miles to get surgery with no pain medication. Yikes!!!

bobbie said...

TW is adorable! I know how you feel about him. My grandson means the world to me, too. Wish I could see him more often. His mom put a 90 second video on Flickr, and I play it over and over.

Margie's Musings said...

Hi Judy,
I took your invitation to come read your blog.

Your little grandson is adorable. I am working with greats now. My grandchildren are all grown. But they are great fun, aren't they?