Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I think we all have a few pet peeves.

Something that is particularly irritating or annoying to just you. It seems the older I get the more pet peeves I can add to my list!

Maybe, it is just my age.

There does seem to be things that bother me now that would not have bothered me 20 years ago.

Below is a list with a few of my pet peeves:

1. I don't like to listen to people whine.

2. People who don't use "pooper scoopers" and let their pets go in my yard.

3. No toilet tissue in public bathrooms.

4. Litterbugs

5. People who are obnoxious in public

6. Poor table manners

7. Drivers that tailgate

8. Selfish people

9. Braggarts

10. People who get in the 10 item express lane with more than 10 items.
Pet peeves associated with driving often leads to road rage!

A pet peeve can be about a specific behavior and often involves someone close such as a spouse.

Who likes a whiner?

Many people have pet peeves about the bathroom

Leave me a comment with some of your pet peeves!


patsy said...

I find I have less things to get peeved about since I have retired.

Rachel said...

Just catching up on your posts! First of all your little grandson is so cute!! I'm sure he had a wonderful time with Nana!

Liked your collection of clocks and your wonderful tribute to your Dad. My Dad was 88 when he passed away also. Adorable picture of you and your Dad!

Some of your pet peeves are the same ones I have. I always have to have the paper towels and toilet paper unrolling from the top. If I go into someone's home and use the bathroom and they have it on wrong I just may change it! I hate litterbugs and I hate the cigarette butts that people toss out their car windows in my lawn and I have to pick them up. Grrrr...

Jamie Dawn said...

1. Dirty clothes on the floor.

2. Lots of clutter.

3. I hate it when I get in the car and the gas tank needle is in the red.
(Am I whining yet??!

Happy Weekend, Judy!


Ladyfromthewoods said...

My biggest one is when drivers tailgate you, then pass you, then turn off the road just a few miles or even a few feet just ahead! Or pull out in front of you then turn off just ahead. I guess it's actually their impatience and inconsideration that's my peeve.

I'm the same as Rachel about having the paper rolling from the top.

Litterbugs of any kind.

People who seem more concerned about their homes or cars being clean than those who are in them.

Materialistic people.

Butt cracks showing! I want to drop a quarter in them to make a point.

T.V. commercials of any kind. I mute them and can't stand it if the person with the remote doesn't!

bobbie said...

Your list is pretty comprehensive. I go along with most of them,and add a few of my own.

Actually, at the moment, I must say the very top of my list is George W., followed closely by McCain. I hate liars!

luv2gosup said...

My biggest pet peeve has to do with punctuality -- people who are always late. Also, doctors who keep me waiting for a long time in their office. Some delays are necessary, but doctors shouldn't plan such a full schedule.

judypatooote said...

I can say your list sums it up for me....but I have to add, drivers who are driving with cell phone attached to their ear....(I do use mine sometimes while driving) so I don't know why it bothers me so... people who are always late, because I'm always the toilet paper can go anyway it wants, as long as there is enough for me.....Oh and I do have a bathroom pet peeve, I hate when you go into a public restroom and the toilet paper dispenser is almost to my feet, and you have to bend way over to even see if there is any.....I can feel my whining coming on, so I'm going to say, have a great evening.... judy TN said...

1.. I hate it when someone blows their nose around where I'm cooking or eating.

2..Someone who doesn't cover their mouth when they sneeze.

3..Someone who comes to the table to their underwear! (Guess Who) ????LOL

4..Smacking on children in public.

5..Chewing food with your mouth open.

6..An older lady (like me) trying to dress like a teen ager and dying her hair jet black.

7..Someone in the car behind me blowing their horn almost before the light turns green.

8.. Last week, I was parking on State Stree in Bristol. You know how you have to stop and back up and turn to get up next to the curb? I have done that for years! I put my signal on and stopped to park...well this little smart alec woman behind me started blowing her horn. She yelled something at me. I have no idea what! She was in a Porshe and had on a big wide rimmed hat and sunglasses. I don't mean there is anything wrong with that, but I just got the idea she thought she was a tad better than me. That is another pet peeve of mine.

9..Turning the TV on at daylight. I don't want to hear anything, see anything or smell anthing at that time in the morning!!!LOL

10..And last but not least. A back seat driver...That's all I will say about that!!!

Leigh said...

My pet peeve is backseat drivers. Do you know any mom?? heheheh LOVE YOU!!!

Beth said...

You covered just about all my pet peeves, Judy! Though I do have one additional public bathroom one---people in stalls next to you talking on their cell phones so that you think they're talking to you, so you answer back when they say something, only to feel really embarrassed when you realize they are talking on their cell phones.

Kate said...

Hi Judy, I think your list of pet peeves just about says it all for me too ! Thanks for the welcome back - Boy was I glad to be home - no place like it! Cheers, Kate x.

glenna Combs said...

Gey Judy, my pet peeve in the bathroom is men who shave and leave hair all over the sink. That drives me batty! Oh! as to some of the other comments, my husband can't live unless the TV is on. I have to go outside or to another part of the house to drink my coffee in peace if he wakes up!If I have clean folded laundry and someone takes off a stinky, dirty shirt and lays it on the clean clothes also drives me up the wall.As for clocks, I have to turn on my computer or hit the info button on the TV remote for the time. LOL. I don't have a working clock in my house!! The poem and picture of you and dad was great and your grandson is precious. I have a 6 month old grandson myself who id very special. I am an avid birds and blooms fan and sure did enjoy the butterfly pictures and poem and the info on how to attract them. Have a great day! Glenna