Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been offline for a few days due to some stuff I am having done around my house. Many of you that follow my blog have seen the posts in the past about all the huge pin oak trees that surround my house. In fact, there are about 25 of them and they are all about 80 feet tall.

Some of them had grown out over my home and I am afraid with all the windstorms we have been having here in Kentucky that I am going to end up with one on my house. The trees are getting pretty old, too, and some of them needed to be taken down.

I called up the tree service that took one of them down during the ice storm and he is in the process of removing seven of them. My yard looks like a disaster area with a bucket truck, two pickup trucks, a wood grinder, and all kinds of limbs, logs, etc. covering the entire back yard. The trees were wonderful for shade but now I will be able to have a garden and plants some flowers that require sun to grow.

This morning they took down one tree that was hanging completely out over my roof. It is amazing to watch these people work. They can drop a tree exactly where they want it to go and wench the top out, tie it off, and swing it away from the house before releasing it. I could not look at times, it would scare me so much.

That is Danny Bay, the owner of Bay's Tree Service, here in Frankfort getting ready to cut the top out of the tree. You can see the roof of my house at the bottom of the picture.

In the next picture, he is lowering part of the top to the ground.
This crew really knows what they are doing.
I am going to have my work cut out for me during the next week trying to clean up the mess out of my yard.
They do a great job of cleaning up the limbs and big stuff but there will be lots of saw dust and leaves and levelling of the yard to do. Can you believe I still have 18 trees this size in my yard??????
I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th. Thomas Wyatt will probably spend the night with me that night so that his parents can go to the lake. Bob, TW and I will have a celebration of our own!


Grannyann said...

How sad having to cut some of those down. I know, for your home, you need to but it is always sad to see an old tree come to an end. They were beautiful. Have a fun weekend.

Ugich Konitari said...

I am constantly amazed at the amount of greenery surrounding houses in the US. And the technology used for doing what you have just described. I hope you dont have to cut any more trees though......

Linda said...

Very interesting. I enjoyed seeing it all.

The Retired One said...

I hated to see these pictures of those majestic trees coming down. :-(
We recently had to cut two that were hanging over power lines, so we left the two stumps and had statues carved of them (see my blog entry a few days ago).


What alot of trees? I don't envy the clearing of your yard.
I do hope you have a Happy 4th of July,
Thanks for visiting my world,

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh ---doesn't it hurt to see those trees come down???? I wouldn't want one to fall on my house (we have tons of big trees around us also) but I just don't have the heart to cut any down YET.

They seemed to do a great job though, Judy, and if it keeps you safe, well--I guess it is worth it.

Have a great 4th.

Margie's Musings said...

I understand why you had to take them down but ohhhh, that hurt.

Have a great 4th of July, Judy.

Beth said...

It's hard to see those grand old oaks coming down, but I can certainly understand why you're doing it, Judy. When I lived in eastern North Carolina, we went through several hurricanes and tornados, and I remember clearly the sound of big trees falling in the night and praying that they wouldn't fall on our house. And probably thinning your trees out will make the other trees healthier. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of how it is done. Very interesting, Judy.

Amber Star said...

We had a fruitless mulberry taken down last year and it has made life so much easier. It had been planted to provide shade on the patio while the live oak grew enough to take over. My husband is so happy to have it gone. It dropped everything into the pool and shaded the pool too. I love trees, but sometimes it is too much of a good thing when you don't get any sun.

Happy 4th! I think we will be staying in that day. Our kids are going to the coast and it is supposed to be 103 degrees, so hanging in the pool or a/c sounds good to me.

Balisha said...

Hi Judy,
I know how you feel about those trees. Our old house had huge American Elms in the yard. They were causing the same problem. It wsa so nice to have some sun after the removal. It's better for your house too.Just take your time with the cleanup. Those tree trimmers are amazing.

Margaret Cloud said...

Those sure are big trees, just looking at the picture of Danny way up there gave me the shivers. My sister, this last fall had several old oak trees taken down for the same reason, they were hanging over her house. Thank you for coming by and I hope you and your family have a very nice 4th of July and be safe.

Joanna Jenkins said...

So sorry you had to lose trees but it makes better sense to be safe. What an amazing job those guys did!

Enjoy the holidays!

Rachel said...

Wow, that's a lot of trees in your yard!! We only have one tree on our property now. Well, there are some over the bluff but I won't count them, even though officially they are on our property.

It's fascinating to watch the tree guys work. They sure know what they are doing!!

Have a wonderful 4th! I know you will with that adorable TW with you!! :)

anewwayoflife08 said...

I love trees but can understand why you had to have them removed.

Have a happy 4th July TN said...

Hi Judy, that's what I need to do around my house. You will feel as if you are in a different place. I know the feeling about cleaning up!

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy your holiday weekend!! TW will have a real blast!! Maybe he can hold a lighted sparkler with your assistance. What fun you will have!!!

We have three dead trees that need to be removed. We plan to have it done this month.
I love all those big trees, and I understand the danger they posed. It's good that you had them removed before one of them crashed into your home. You've got so many left to provide shade and beauty.

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, I surely understand. What your doing is what I have been doing for months. Cleared about 25 trees for my building spot. Only 2 or 3 hanging over house presently. Good Luck in the cleanup.

Grammy said...

Hi, Judy
Great job they did with the trees. I have never seen that many taken down. It must have been exciting! TW would have enjoyed seeing them come down!