Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today's post marks 100 entries I have made on this site! It is amazing how fast they add up. My first post was in April 2008. I have enjoyed blogging so much and have made so many friends out there in blog land from Scotland to Australia to the United Kingdom, India, Canada, and right here in the United States.

I appreciate each and every blogging friend and all the great comments you leave here. This has been a place to laugh, cry, vent, play, and express love for friends and family and get to know some wonderful people far and wide.

I thought for this post, I would show you my blogging place where I spend a lot of time reading your comments, writing comments on your blogs and just generally hang out when I am on the computer. We post pictures of flowers, trips, birds, and a zillion other things but this is where I am actually coming from! It is just a small room in my home that I use for my computer and my monster.
I hate the computer desk but it does the job for now. I plan to replace it in the future. I have all my cookbooks, recipes, and files in this room.

My "monster" is my pilates that looks like some kind of torture machine but actually works very well if I use it often. It keeps my arthritis from acting up and keeps me limber.
I have a small t.v. mounted up in one corner of the room so that I can keep up with my shows and be on the computer at the same time.
The shelves hold my cookbooks and family pictures.
These black and white framed pictures of my grandson, Thomas Wyatt, on the wall are some of my favorites.
Bob made me this little cherry table and I love it!
The picture below is a collage my son did for me. The girl is me when I was in grade school.

Now, you have some idea or thought in your head of where I am coming from when I write or comment.

I challenge all my blogging friends out there to do a post on their blog site! This has been fun to do and a great year for me just getting to know you all. Thanks again and hugs to you from me. I tried to make these pictures so they would blow up if you clicked on them but for some reason it would not let me do it this time. Does anyone else have problems with pictures on blogger?


Beth said...

Congratulations, Judy, on your 100th post! I certainly am glad you are a part of the blogosphere---I enjoy your blog so much and, of course, love your wonderful comments on mine. It's so nice to see the room you blog from and how you are surrounded by the things you love. Your computer desk is sure a lot neater than mine! I have papers and little notes everywhere because my computer hutch is also my desk. In fact, I would hesitate to put a picture of my desk up because I don't want y'all to know how messy I am! :-)
Anyway, kudos to you for your 100th post. Here's to a hundred more!

The Retired One said...

Looks like a great little nook to use your computer...I am sometimes in our computer room too, and also use my laptop in the living room while watching a movie at the same time!
Congrats.on your 100th post!!
I missed mine and am close to 200 really adds up fast if you post 5-7 times a week, doesn't it?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Judy, You remember I'm sure when i posted a blog showing our computer rooms. I think it was in February.

Our room is not nearly as 'neat' as yours. That is the room that becomes a 'catch all' room for everything.... ha

Congrats on your 100th post. I have done 135 posts on Blogger (since Jan. 1, 2009) ---but I was on Lightblog since June of 2006.... I have no idea how many posts are on there...

Have a great week.

Margaret Cloud said...

Judy this is such a nice place to do your thing. I like your chair it looks comfy. Your little room looks so well kept. Hope you have a nice week and congratulation on your 100th, keep them coming.

Joanna Jenkins said...

A big congratulations on #100.

Love your space! Is it always that neat?

And your pilates bed! You are a lucky girl!!!!

Keep up the good work.

Linda said...

I love seeing pictures of your home. I can see you have a comfortable, warm home. Fun to see your blogging room.

Grannyann said...

Hey friend Judy - congrats on 100. I enjoyed seeing where you blog and the things you have around you. Glad you liked my garage sale items this week. Wish you were there - was a lot to go to. you are my first blog friend and again congrats.

Rachel said...

Hi Judy! Congratulations on your 100th post! They do add up quickly!! So glad you decided to blog, as I always enjoy reading your posts!

I loved the birthday calendar info. Gee, I learned a lot about when I was born, back all those years ago!!

TW just keeps getting cuter all the time!! What a sweetie!!

Rachel said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I like your computer room! How lucky that you have room for a Pilates monster!

Ugich Konitari said...


Congratulations on your hundredth post, and delighted to see your blogging room. It just occurred to me that all it needs is a small kitchenette counter with a mini-fridge. :-)

I mean, how much more fun can it get, emerging from a Pilatus routine, to have a wonderful glass of fresh juice, or milk or yogurt, looking out of the window on to a sunny lawn, and then blogging away.....and finishing your stuff early, because TW is scheduled to visit ?

Amber Star said...

Congrats Judy! I swear all of us started about the same time and then we all found each other! I had my first anniversary May 28th, or something like that. I'm having a senior moment right now. I am so very glad I met up with you. I've learned more about Kentucky than I ever thought about. Someday I'll tell some Texas stories. Some are good and some are not.

Anyway...I'm very glad you started blogging and I did, too and by golly I am going to get up there someday to see that pottery you used to talk about.

Mary said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Isn't it nice to have your own little room? THough I have to say the pilates bed looks like an instrument of torture!
I could never post a picture of my computer's overflowing with paper, yours is so neat and organized...I guess that's another project for me to tackle.
How sweet of your son to make the collage for you, it's gifts from the heart like that that are the best!

anewwayoflife08 said...

Happy 100th, I blog on the laptop all over the house. Mommy computer is in the box-room, (a little room) which is full of books and Cds, cupboards and all the stuff we have no room for anywhere else


Congratulations Judy on your 100th blog,
Lovely to see where all your bright ideas come from. Here's to the next hundred.


Leigh said...

Congrats Mom!! I love reading your blog! Keep it up.

Love you bunches!!


pamwax said...

What a lovely room. I also like the cherry table. Wish Neil had taken up woodworking instead of electronics. Isn't it nice to have your own Women Cave!!

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Congratulations Judy!!
Thank you so very much for the comment you left today!!

bobbie said...

Congratulations! 100 is a big number! It's so nice to see where you spend your on- line time. A very pleasant place. My own is a similar desk, but it is in my crowded little living room, between the TV and a little table holding my printer, and right next to my front door. In nice weather, the door stands open and I look out on the street. My hummingbird feeder hangs right outside, and there is a very large tree out front, so I can enjoy the greenery. My house is very tiny. Just big enough for me.

Hope you continue for another hundred, and then another, and another.

Sylvia K said...

Congratulations, Judy, on that 100th blog! And I loved seeing your work space! My youngest daughter is a pilates instructor, so I'm familiar with the "rack". Yours was one of the first blogs I read when I first started almost a year ago -- in July.

Here's to another great, fun year, with wonderful blogging friends all over the world!!

Balisha said...

Congrats Judy on your 100th. I have read most of them and have really enjoyed my time here.Always informative and entertaining. Keep on bloggin'.

JunieRose2005 said...


I LOVED reading this and seeing all your pictures!

I HAVE posted pics of my blog desk in the past-I'm almost sure!

LOL-I think my blog posts are almost to 2,000! Yikes! I AM a FANATIC!!

Junie TN said...

Congratulations on your 100th. I'm glad we found each other. Your place looks so neat. When I get mine straightened up a little, I will post a picture. My son and I share the computer and it's almost hopeless for him to keep it neat. He runs his business from here.

Grannyann said...

Judy: the Little Tikes car is wonderful. I had gotten 2 of them at garage sales. My grandkids played with them till the steering wheel came off. they love opening the door and getting in and out. If you have a set of old keys give that to them and they will love it. you can even get a play gas tank that they can play put gas in the car. your grandson will love it.

Missy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I love your little office!!! =)

The Muse said...

Congrats Judy!~~~~

Ah, now I can imagine, more clearly, you tapping those keys as you delight us with your posts!

(ps love Bob's table!)

Charles Lister said...

Congrats on the 100th post Mom! I love reading the blog and can't wait to see what you do next...


One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, thank you for posting this.
I feel I know you even better.
Blessings sent to you this day.
I am hanging in there - hopefully next week I can spend the night at my new country home. All is perfect - except - need a buyer for this city home - and I know it is coming!!!!

Jeannie said...

Congrats on your 100th post, Judy. I look forward to the next 100. :D

I haven't had this particular problem with pictures on Blogger, but I'm generally unhappy with how limited we are with the placement and size of the pics we can place on our blogs.

I can picture you sitting there typing away at your desk. I think I'll meet your challenge, Judy. Look for my blog post before the end of the weekend. Speaking of weekends, hope you have a good one. Talk to you soon.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm not very computer savvy, but generally, I size my photos and they do enlarge when you click on them. I can't tell you how to fix a problem. My hubby is the one I go to for answers when I have a computer related problem.

Your computer room looks like a nice place to hang out. You've got a good set up there... well, except for the torture machine.


Bob needs to build you a new computer desk to your specifications. That man is such a terrific craftsman!!! That little table is really nice, and I remember you showed some bookshelves he made.

Congrats on your 100th post and over one year of blogging!!!!!!! I'm glad to call you my blog buddy!

Lilly said...

CONGRATULATIONS Judy on your 100th post. It is an accomplishment and I have very much enjoyed reading your blog as I always learn something new. Always.

Your office is a great space to blog. That collage is wonderful. How pretty are you as a yongster - no surprise as you are gorgeous now. Now Bob is worth hanging on to - that table is so wonderful. What a clever man.

Here is to your next 100 posts and I for one will be here to read them.