Saturday, December 27, 2008


What did one tooth say to the other tooth? "Thar's gold in them thar fills."

Hi folks, Just wanted to let everyone out there in blogland know that I am suffering from an abscessed tooth! Guess I ate too many sweets while I was baking for Christmas!! Who knows what causes these things.

Anyway, on December 23rd, I started having these twinges of pain that morning while trying to get stuff ready to go to the farm for Christmas. In a couple hours, it was more than a twinge it was a full blown throbbing pain. I knew I could not take a chance on trying to get through Christmas without seeing a dentist.

After calling nearly every dentist in my town, (including my regular dentist), I got an appointment for two thirty that day with a young woman that recently opened an office here and must have needed the business because she agreed to see me.

It seems I had an abscess on a tooth that is part of a lower bridge and is also crowned. This meant I go on antibiotics for several days and then a root canal on Monday, December 29th.

They will have to drill through the crown and if this does not work, then I go to an oral surgeon.

The cost is only $800 and that is if you pay up front!! The antibiotics have finally given me some relief. The medicine has to be taken two hours after eating or one hour before eating and every six hours including during the night. You can't lie down for thirty minutes after taking it, so I am up at 3 a.m. every morning. My daughter, Anne, said she was not smart enough to take this medicine!!

I will let you know what happens on Monday.
I did go to the farm and the girls and I prepared Christmas dinner. My son and his wife could not come because Thomas Wyatt had an ear infection and pinkeye and was running a temperature. Then, my son had to work that afternoon. His wife, Sarah, is now sick and on antibiotics. We hope to have
Christmas with TW soon and give him his presents. We just want everyone to feel better and know it could be a lot worse.
I enjoyed my visit with my daughters and they had a wonderful Christmas dinner at the farm.
It was great to be with them during the holidays.
We are all looking forward to better days ahead and the New Year.


Margie's Musings said...

The dentist I worked for would not do a crown or bridge without first doing root canal. The chances of getting into the nerve and killing it when doing a bridge/crown prep without first doing a root canal are too large.

I hope you are better soon. There's nothing quite like a toothache.

Kate said...

Hi Judy, Guess what ? I too am on antibiotics, with much the same thing, I was at the Dentist last Wednesday - he did a temporary filling on the tooth which he thought was the one which was bothering me. At that time it was an emergency appointment, I had said to the dentist that I hadn't been sure whether or not I had toothache or earache... I was climbing the walls that day ! he said that if I had a painful ear (which I had) that I should also go pay a visit to my Doctor.. My doc said I had an ear infection... So, temp filling in one of my teeth.. OK so far! then I went from Dentist to doc who said I had an ear infection too. He gave me anti-b's, Next day, Thursday, I was still in pain but I had started the anti b's (like you the arrangement to take them incurs a flippen nurses knowledge as to when and how to take them... why are taking antib's so complicated - they weren't before). Since then -last Thursday I still have had toothache and earache so I have been driven demented...I feel that I am climbing the walls, I'm still taking the antib's regularly but my pain is continuing regardless.. Am desperatly trying to hold on till Monday .. everybody here is on Holidays till Monday and then again they are on 'New Year' holiday on Wednesday Thursday and Friday...

So, Judy I really know how you feel atmoment.. I could literally crawl into a corner and weep for Scotland the pain is sooo bad - it is now 6pm on Saturday night and I last saw my dentist last Wednesday afternoon.. I can't see my dentist now until Monday morning - sob... Talk about long lost Sisters huh ? more like we're Sisters in suffering ! I think probably my Dentist will take out the other tooth that is causing my soo much pain on Monday - it's not a crowned tooth though that's causing the bother with my teeth -it's one that was filled 30 years ago and somhow , some kind of infection or whatever has got in to the nerve and is causing so much agony !

Sorry this is such a long-winded comment, it's just so difficult to concentrate. Thinking of you, Kate x.

Balisha said...

Oh, Judy,
I hurt for you. Hope things can be done easily and with no more discomfort for you. Poor Thomas Wyatt...I hate it when kids are sick...especially during the holidays. All of you get... well soon.


Hi Judy, hope your toothache soon disappears nothing is worse than a toothache. I have a severe cold and cough but there are many worese than me, I can go out and about. Both myself and daughter had it over Christmas. thanks for the visit, much appreciated. I do enjoy reading your blogs , always something interesting to read.
Take care.

Sylvia K said...

I do hope all the aches and pains go away soon! I'll hold good thoughts! So far I'm staying pretty healthy -- I'm making offerings to the "wellness God" - having my computer suffering from a virus is bad enough! Take care! and Happy New Year! TN said...

Oh Judy, I hope you are soon feeling better. I'm sorry about the toothache and TW being sick. I'm tellin' you....i spend my Christmas waiting on two sick men. My grandsons were in LA...It was a "funny" Christmas to me. Let's pray everyone is on the road to recovery really soon. I made another Southern Jam cake. sooooo gooood!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry to hear about your toothache, Judy. There's nothing worse--when it comes to pain. I'm so very sorry. Hope everything goes well on the 29th.

Grannyann said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather also. Holiday time must be giving us the "ill's" I am doing much better every day. Just sore and need to get my strength back. Hope your Christmas was great.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

So sorry that you have been in pain and dealing with fussy antibiotics. Hoping that you and T.W. (and Sarah) are all well soon and you get to enjoy another get-together.

P.S. Santa (and the rest of us) really enjoyed your gingersnap and shortbread recipes! We baked them at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve night.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a way to spend Christmas, good luck on Monday, I will be waiting to hear.

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, Get well wishes are being sent to you. I have been through this process and it is painful and no fun. Plus the unexpected expense. I have to have a filling and crown the first week of January. Is not hurting me. Filling just came out. Sorry about sickness in the family. The same goes for here just have not wrote about it. Hope it heals quickly.

pamwax said...

I feel your pain. Have been there myself. I am sure by Monday afternoon you will feel much better even if your wallet is a lot lighter.

The Muse said...

Oh Ms Judy I am sending you one giant size Muse HUG...poor girl...oh my, I really do hate to hear that...and hope you will (if you feel like it) keep us updated as to what happens after the appt MON.

Thank you dear for stopping my blog...I do so love that new grand~baby..he is a "looker"! LOL

Linda said...

Judy, I do hope you're comfortable now so they can make you uncomfortable on Monday! I've had a few abscesses in my time but not during Christmas. That's the pits! I hope the problem will soon be solved. Sounds like you weren't the only one in your family having health problems. It's so much fun to watch little ones get their presents.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh Judy. What a thing to happen at this time of year but so glad the pain has subsided. Fingers crossed all goes well on Monday which I am sure it will. So glad you were able to get into a dentist as quickly as you could and that you were with your daughters. I also hope all your family gets over their illnesses and you get to have your Christmas with Thomas Wyatt when everyone is feeling completely well. Take Care.

Jeannie said...

I had an abscessed wisdom tooth when I was about 18. The antibiotics helped a lot with the pain, so I'm hopeful the medicine will do the trick for you too.

I hope you feel better very soon, Judy. :(

Amber Star said...

Oh Judy! Bless your heart and tooth and bridge and tummy from the nasty antibiotics that are crazy hard to keep up with. I'll be thinking of you Monday. I have my follow up for my toe that day and one day next week I have to pick up the stuff from the doc in the box place to take to my family doc about the freakin' gout. Who would have thunk.

The best thing is that I didn't see anything about the flood in Kentucky on your blog and thank God for that....meaning thank God you weren't involved. I hope.

June Saville said...

You and your family did not deserve this mahem Judy!
2009 will be better.
June in Oz

Kavi said...

A visit to the dentist always is scary for me. Always ! And when the lights glow and the gleaming tools come up, my mouth almost goes on an autozip mode.

The last time around, i found a dentist, who thundered, 'Open your mouth' ! It was more of an army command. And from then on, i have realised, that it wasnt all that tough. Oh yeah. I still hold my eyes tightly shut !

With the visit to the dentist due this year...i am sure you will have a great year in 2009 !!!


Beth said...

Oh, golly, Judy....I'm so sorry you've had to deal with an infected tooth! I've certainly been there, so I can sympathize with you. It is so painful. I do hope that the procedure you're having and the antibiotics give you complete relief. Hope little Thomas Wyatt is feeling better soon, too.

Hopefully, 2009 will be a better year for us all! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Rachel said...

Judy, sorry to hear about the tooth. What a fine time to do this right at Christmas! Mighty expensive too! Ouch from both!! A toothache is awful though.

Good luck tomorrow. I hope all goes well!!! My fingers are crossed!!

Nancy said...

It must be something about this year. After reading about your tooth problemsand TW's illness and some of your commenters' problems, I see that our unusual Christmas was par for the course this year. My dad, who had been recovering from pneumonia and knee surgery, had a relapse and had to be hospitalized Christmas Eve. He was a pretty sick guy. By now, he is recovering, but he will be on IV medications and a walker for several more weeks. Since we usually spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at his house, we all had to scramble to make new plans. I hope Christmas, 2009 is better than this one was for a lot of people!

JunieRose2005 said...

ahhh, Judy! Sorry to hear of all your problems this Christmas and sure hope everyone are a little better by now- How your dental work went well!

We have had a lot of problems too, an odd assortment of problems but thankfully no one is seriously ill!

We have to look forward to a good year!!


June Saville said...

How are you doin' Judy?

Grammy said...

Dear Judy,
If you were one of my girls, they would expect to hear me say, "Poor Baby! I'm so sorry to hear that you are hurting." So, here it is,
"Poor Baby! I'm so sorry to hear you are hurting." I really hope you had not a bad time at the dentist's yesterday. Hope it all went well. Thinking of you.